Your life is falling apart now you’re serving God alone?

I get sincere and moving messages the essence of which is: “Since I decided to serve God alone my life has begun falling apart.”

I don’t want to be glib or to tell others what they should do. The best way I can contribute is to share something of my own experience; what the path serving God alone has been like for me; what changes I have undergone as an individual and in my married life.

Serving God alone is a decision which each person can only make alone. No-one can help. We have intelligence and reason; we are meant to use them.

The Christian scriptures talk about not being “unequally yoked with unbelievers”. There is a lot to that. Often, also, family and friends don’t or won’t understand.

This is to be expected. It is the example of the prophets. Look at Moses or Abraham in the Quran. The life we are called to is tough. But the rewards are the best.

I can’t and won’t say what anyone else should do on this; each situation is different. But I can say that whom God guides, he is guided. So look to the Quran for that guidance.

God is the best of allies.

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