Written Down By Scribes: Surah 80 With Exposition

02:00 – verses 1-4, start of Surah 80. Platforms are available to educate yourself, all of my work is available free on the Quranite website
07:28 – verses 5-8, it is not Muhammad’s job to purify others, despite this fact there is an entire ‘Sunnah’ found in the Hadith literature.
09:02 – verses 8-10, the Qur’an has spread and is available to read and understand, so make use of it
10:49 – verses 11-12, you can choose to remember the Qur’an
12:11 – verses 13-16, the Qur’an was written by righteous scribes on paper at the time of revelation, unlike what the Hadith literature says
16:27 – verses 17-22, God created and determined us, and to him we will return. We are born with certain characteristics.
19:10 – verse 23, the ruling elite are demoralising nations to move us away from God and to ignore our natural “fiáš­rah”
26:52 – verses 24-32, God designed everything. There are many ideas outside of the Qur’an which fall short when you analyse the complete context. With the Hadith literature or some science there is much assumption and no concrete factual evidence.
29:10 – verse 33, the Qur’an anticipates a single sudden event before The Day. It does not contain the eschatology found in traditional Islam.
31:15 – verses 34- 42, you will be judged alone. The righteous will rejoice, and the immoral will be covered by dust and blackness.

[Thanks to Daniel Mahmood for compiling the time codes]


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_20QiN1zyi0