Wise Preparation For The Life To Come — Surah 57 With Exposition

Please note: I missed verses 13 and 18 due to distractions with the new set-up.

57 2 1 What is in the heavens and the earth gives glory1 to God; and He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.2 2 To Him belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth; He gives life, and He gives death, and He is over all things powerful. 3 He is the First and the Last, and the Outer and the Inner; and He knows all things. 4 He it is that created the heavens and the earth in six days,1 then established Himself upon the Throne. He knows what penetrates into the earth, and what comes forth from it, and what descends from the heaven, and what ascends into it. And He is with you wherever you may be; and God sees what you do. 5 To Him belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth; and to God are matters1 returned. 6 He makes the night enter into the day, and makes the day enter into the night. And He knows what is in the breasts. 7 Believe in1 God and His messenger, and spend of that whereof He has made you heirs. And those who heed warning2 among you and spend: theirs will be a great reward. 8 And why should you not believe in1 God, when the Messenger is calling you to believe in2 your Lord, and He has taken your agreement, if you be believers?3 9 He it is that sends down to His servant clear proofs,1 that He might bring you out of darkness2 into the light; and God is to you kind and merciful. 10 And what is with you that you spend not in the cause of God, when to God belongs the inheritance of the heavens and the earth? Not equal among you is he who spent and who fought before the victory — those are greater in degree than those who spent and fought afterwards. But to each has God promised the best;1 and God is aware of what you do. 11 ¶57.2 Who is he that will lend to God a goodly loan?1 And He will multiply it to him, and he will have a noble2 reward. 12 The day1 thou wilt see the believing men2 and the believing women,3 their light running4 before them5 and on their right hands:6 — “Your glad tidings this day: gardens beneath which rivers flow, you abiding eternally therein!” That7 is the Great Achievement. 13 The day the wavering men1 and the wavering women2 will say to those who heeded warning:3 “Wait for us, that we may acquire some your light,” it will be said: “Go back behind you, and seek light.” And a wall will be set up between them having a door, the inward of which is Mercy, and the outward, to the fore thereof, is Punishment. 14 They will cry to them: “Were we not with you?” They will say: “Verily,1 but you subjected your souls to means of denial,2 and you waited, and you doubted, and vain desires3 deluded you, until the command of God4 came; and the Deluder5 deluded you concerning God, 15 “So this day no ransom will be taken from you, or from those who ignore warning.1 Your shelter is the Fire; it is your protector.”2 And evil is the journey’s end! 16 Has not the time come for those who heed warning1 that their hearts should be humbled to the remembrance2 of God, and what has come down of the truth,3 and that they be not as those in possession4 of the Writ5 before? And the span seemed long to them, so their hearts hardened; and many of them are perfidious.6 17 Know that God gives life to the earth after its death. We have made plain1 the proofs2 to you, that you might use reason.


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