Why I Make Boring Videos – And Why Social Media Destroys Community

I get a steady stream of advice on how I could make my presentation more yummy, colourful, fun, catchy and cool. Here I explain why I prefer to keep things dull. See Sam Vaknin’s excellent interview on the toxicity of social media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmXcjvL9VSc


From: https://www.stateofdigital.com/how-the-internet-is-dumbing-down-the-next-generation/

I’m sure that many of us, not least of all those who make a living from it, can conceive of a world without the internet. For Generation Y, it has become the all encompassing font of easily accessible knowledge, entertainment and communication. Our lives have become enriched and transformed because of it and I for one don’t think I’ll ever get over the excitement of actively participating in this extraordinary adventure.

The fact that I don’t have to spend hours in the library, or work out complicated maths equations in my head or wait forever for important letters to arrive any more is still a thing of wonder. Like most of my peers, I tend not to take the internet for granted (not that much anyway) precisely because my generation did go to the library, do maths without a calculator and spent hours writing letters with an actual pen – we grew up learning these skills because there was no other way. You learnt your times table by rote and practised your neat handwriting again and again until you got it right, it’s what we all did.

I can still remember the shock of hearing that calculators were going to be allowed to be used in maths exams. An actual calculator! We could only dream of such technological assistance in my day, the thought of taking one in the exam room was literally unheard of. Yet last week, my 8 year old nephew was casually explaining how he uses an iPad at his school desk for almost every lesson and it struck me just what a massive part of his life the internet has become and that he’ll never really know what it’s like to have to go and physically search for information or – God forbid – have to wait days or weeks[…]


• I get messages:
o make them shorter
o make a summary
o make it prettier
o add pictures
♣ Have considered this
♣ Realised that my original strategy was correct
• why I left social media:
o Facebook
o Twitter
• Understand a couple of things:
o Social media forces you compete with yourself
o SM rewards dumbing down
♣ If I were not doing what I do here, I would not be on this type of media at all
o Kim Kardashian’s behind would get more views in a day than my entire presentation
• My philosophy has been “anti” network-effects from day 1
• I have always understood that I am not about masses
• I can see the pernicious effects of social media (anti social media)
• Low numbers but high quality
• About one eighth of my subscribers view most videos within a few days – that’s huge
• I weed out the trolls and the psychological vampires – they do elsewhere
• I want to recommend an interview with Sam Vaknin
o Generally about narcissistic / psychopathic disorders
o This one about social media: how it is fundamentally anti-social
• I thought for some time that it would be possible to create a real community
• I can see that this is not what people want – until there is a war, they will not come out of their bubbles
• People are afraid of real contact – generally
• Other reasons:
o I want to lead people to my work – not too high a gap
o I am looking for people who can “get” what I do
o I am not interested in the “entertain me” demographic – they are already dead
o I am only interested in quality


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-lPQoJweDM