Why I Hold The Elites To Account

My entire body of work is directed primarily at the ruling elites. The reason is that they make the decisions, and the society in which we live is a function of those decisions.

This is the Qur’anic method. The Qur’an holds societies to account on the basis of the decisions made by the rulers of those societies.

Whereas the fact of a world ruling elite was obfuscated prior to the last couple of years, now there is no denying it.

0:00: Intro
2:07: Sam’s work /Articles and God Protocol
9:20: Why I hold the elites to account
12:18: Analysis of various scriptures
21:50: The ruling elites are highly religious in their nature and create civilizations
26:37 The rollout of an entire ideology towards a One World Government
27:21 The consequences of their ideology
30:09 Conclusions

[thanks to Soulhaqq for compiling time codes]


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2o7vV0J17c