Why I Don’t Answer Lots Of Questions

Here I outline why I don’t respond to a lot of questions which people ask me which they possibly would address to a mullah or similar.

Here’s the link to my older video: I am not a mullah – and nor do I want to be one:

Why I avoid particular questions:


• are wigs haram?
• can you wash your hands with nail polish?
• can you get married over Skype?
• can you use plastic surgery
• and many more

I’m going to give you my thoughts:

• there are historical reasons why Muslims do this – I am from another culture
o prayer in Christianity isn’t a biggy
• I see my job differently:
o to do my analysis on the Qur’an
o to try to get that analysis to a group of engaged and bright people while filtering out the dross as much as possible (quality)
o to explain the concept of the God protocol
o to present an example of warning the elite
o to help people to start thinking for themselves
o to lead by example
• However, I am not saying that it is always bad for groups to form:
o Benedictine monks
o Franciscan monks
o Amish, etc.
• I do think it is fine for people to submit to what I might call an Order
• But the problem Islamically is that often this ends up in factionalism
• I personally see it as a workshop
• And even historically, in mainstream Islamic traditions it wasn’t a problem
• Today, everything has become over polarized. So I stick to what are my core concerns
• Also:
o Personally, I think the online “mullah” role is wrong (at least for me)
o You can be quoted out of context
o You don’t know the person
• This is what I might call the pastoral role. A sharing of personal advice. There is nothing wrong with it but I don’t think the Internet is the forum.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3IiZFgjrL0