When The Sky Splits Open: Surah 82 With Exposition

00:42 – Start of Surah 82, modern Science is always changing
02:06 – Verses 1-2, The traditionalists translations of the Qur’an also describes the sky as a physical object. Similar to the presentation found in the Old Testament
05:49 – Verses 4-5, God will inform us of what we did and didn’t do
06:14 – Verses 6-8, the Qur’an asks us to use reason, to observe what is here. There are many philosophies which have no evidence and have much assumption
07:19 – Verse 9, there is no escaping The Day of Judgment
08:43 – Verses 10-12, it is the nature of man to serve. The Satan has built a system to make men serve other than God… so take the Satan as an enemy
10:38 – Some people make the mistake of worshiping religion as a God
11:33 – Verses 13-16, time moves quickly, and there is no escaping death
12:40 – Verses 17-18, God answers very direct questions in the Qur’an, using repitition to make the questions and answers clear
13:30 – Verse 19, explains some of what the Day of Judgment is and explains that God is in control
13:57 – Why men deny the judgement

[Thanks again to Daniel Mahmood for supplying time codes]


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zN0_iMkgWQ