What You Are Promised – It Will Befall: Surah 77 With Exposition

00:47 – Start of Surah 77, Oaths in the Qur’an and appeals to things which we can witness

02:38 – The inevitable Day of Judgment and foreshadowing in the Qur’an

04:08 – Appealing to things that we know to understand things that we don’t know

04:51 – The calamity of The Day, “man was created anxious”

05:35 – The Qur’anic presentation of the sky fits with that of the Old Testament

07:20 – Switching narratives in the text and every new day is a sign

08:42 – The use of refrains in the Qur’an- a warning to the deniers

10:24 – The destruction of the former people, and of the latter

11:35 – The meaning of ‘mujrimun’ in the Qur’an

12:23 – The sign in gestation and the meaning of “taqwa”

15:01 – Examples and signs in the Qur’an alluding to the Day of Judgment

18:03 – God settles all affairs, there will no be lies and no excuses on The Day

20:39 – Anyone can choose to turn to God

23:42 – The ruling elites commit all the crimes which previous peoples were destroyed for

25:05 – Then in what ‘hadith’ after it will they believe?

26:33 – Consider the Qur’an with care, and understand what type of reading is needed

[Thanks to Daniel Mahmood for the time codes]


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xsHW8J9iPc