“What The Messenger Gives You, Take It” — Surah 59 With Exposition

This talk looks at the whole of Surah 59, and gives special attention to one of the key “proof texts” the Traditionalist uses to shoe-horn his usurping literature into the mind of the unwary.

6 And what God gave in spoil to His messenger from them: you spurred not for it any horse or camel; but God gives His messengers authority over whom He wills; and God is over all things powerful.

7 What God gave in spoil to His messenger from the people of the cities belongs to God and His messenger, and to relatives, and the fatherless, and the needy, and the wayfarer[…] that it be not a distribution by turns between the rich among you. And what the Messenger gives you: take it, and from what he forbids you: refrain — and be in prudent fear of God; God is severe in retribution —

8 For the poor émigrés, who were turned out of their homes and their possessions, seeking favour from God and approval, and helping God and His messenger; it is they who are the truthful.



Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdJY89C3WhI