What If Hadith Had Never Existed?

0:00 There are heated debates between Qur’an alone Muslims and traditionalist Muslims in regards to extraneous literature
01:06 The so-called “science of hadith” collapses when nonsensical narrations are relayed as reliable
02:00 Religions are loaded with extraneous literature / comparison between Islam and Protestantism
04:41 How to obey the messenger:
05:55 – as a historical imperative
06:52 – the use of “qul” in the Qur’an; where Muhammad informed people of what to do
07:28 – heed the warning of judgment and obey the legal aspects of the Qur’an
08:33 Summary

[Thanks to Daniel Mahmood for time codes]


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J72rWq-Aa0