What I Think May Be Coming Next

00:00 Introduction, where things are going.
01:18 The social contract, the unspoken contract.
02:21 They are going to need ‘another thing’.
03:50 An educated guess…
04:05 Trying to stampede the herd to another ‘plantation’, using bellwethers.
05:00 It’s not really working, a split intended to happen.
6:00 All ‘plantations’ owned by the elite.
6:52 Why they have to roll out something else, viz. Pavlovian.
8:10 We’re basically under two things (stresses) right now.
9:00 People realizing the contract is off.
09:28 There is going to be a rift
11:08 They need a third ‘thing’ (re. Pavlovian concept), an existential weapon.
11:23 The COVID (vaccine) is existential.
12:14 It has all the formats of a belief system (a dogma).
13:13 They can’t go back now (have to double down).
14:15 They need a second existential threat.
14:44 … that would shock, be universal, unprovable and catastrophic.
15:25 My guesses: asteroids, aliens,
16:32 They need something else on top of this, out of left field.
18:22 Chinese torture techniques and behaviourism.
20:30 Getting you to fight yourself, a war you can’t win.
21:08 If you think you’re safe, it’s all coming back, this is part of the torture.
21:18 They pay ‘think tanks’ to think this stuff up.
21:22 (That’s what I think).
21:48 They haven’t forgotten about you.

[Thanks to Azim Zahur for providing time codes]


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB_3MIMAsNA