Converts to Islam are converts – not ‘reverts’

Using the word ‘revert’ to describe converts to a religion of any kind is a form of cheap intellectual deceit.

The tendency among some Sunnis is to use the word “revert” to describe converts to their religion.

The unsubtle implication is, of course, that Sunni Islam is the pre-existing and universal faith from which some have latterly diverged.

This is predicated, somewhat predictably, upon a ḥadīth (that very literature which has served to preclude many Sunnis from doing due diligence on what the Qur’an’s usage of the word muslīm implies).

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How to overthrow the New World Order: the Quranic system – which is ignored by the religion of Islam

How to overthrow the satanic system of tyranny under which we live? Is it even possible? The answer, historically, is: yes. But we need a paradigm shift first.

We need to wave away some of the smoke and deal with hard realities.

In summary, the Quran’s perspective on this question is this:

– The majority is always wrong
– Satan will disown those who follow him on the Day of Judgment
– The prophet (in this case Muhammad) warns the believers and the believers are to warn others
– God does not destroy a people until it has been warned

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