The Tyranny of Data Collection – Big Brother Is Saving Everything We Do Online

The NSA, Facebook, Google and all the rest are creating a tyranny which rests on the data they collect from us.

Aaron Russo:

See: Brazil directed by Terry Gilliam

I would argue that a lot of people make some fundamental mistakes when thinking about this and the form (i.e. things seem ergonomic and convenient and voluntary) confuses them and takes their eyes off the content (i.e. the tyranny which I is the focus of this talk and others in this series).

* Data: not tracked but stored
– Not someone watching you (spy films)
– Watching trends
– As long as you are wasting your time on FB talking about nothing and going on to porn sites regularly and spending your money in the pub, you’re basically already dead
– Tracking habits
– Only flag up people:
– whose activities fit a profile which lies outside the norm
– whose activities veer from the norm of what they do

* Modelling
– Creating models, scenarios, social constructs
– More like weather modelling or traffic control programs than it is spying on individuals (at least in general terms)
– Directing society in the same way as they can direct hurricanes using HAARP
– Studying the ‘weather’ and the trends and tendencies and manipulating what is already there
– A well-oiled machine directed by “news” and “events” – spontaneous and contrived

* Full-spectrum dominance is in the cheese-in-the-mousetrap phase
– Yes, it will have a gun in your face at some point
– But it doesn’t need one yet

* Impossible to buy and sell
– Once you realise that Revelation is a business plan rather than a revelation, things will make more sense
– The Freemasonic understanding of the Bible is very different to what yours is if you identify as a Christian
– If you want to open your mind as to how vastly a view of the Bible can differ from yours read a Talmudic interpretation of the Torah and the Tanach (Old Testament)
– They want a tyranny down to the atomic and nano levels – see my video on Bitcoin / Blockchain

Then things can go into overdrive for you:

* digital gang stalking and trolling
* spill out into your real life
* persecution, trials, killings, etc.

People are naive. They believe (or at least believed) that the internet was for them, rather than understanding that they were for it. It looks free and voluntary, so it must be okay.

Now they believe that blockchain is theirs – that a mythical figure stepped down from from Mount Digital Olympus in the form of Sotoshi Nakamoto, in order to free them from the chains that bound them.

One of the key tasks for the propaganda wing of this new system is to keep Joe Public convinced that the move into full-spectrum information dominance is incidental, or even coincidental, that really what is going on is competition.

That will be why CEO from major corporations can go from one organisation to another taking all the knowledge they have about the first organisation with them and no one bats an eyelid

People accept spying as matter of course, but pacify themselves with their false understanding of the nature of this type of surveillance and just hope things won’t be too bad.

They already are tracking / monitoring and storing the story of you online, but their engagement is in the form of reading TRENDS and giving you NUDGES, and directing you via your need for conformity bias in a program of social engineering which is currently Tyranny Lite.

But this is only because this is where we are on the road map. If you want a glimpse into what is further down the road map, look up the Georgia Guidestones or look into Agenda 21 – or any number of other obvious but denied realities.

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