Thoughts On Fasting: A Means Of Drawing Closer To God

00:54 Fasting detailed in Sura 2:183-187
01:46 Purpose of fasting: that you might be in prudent fear.
02:11 Length of the fast, ‘for days numbered’, explained.
02:32 Redemption: feeding a needy person.
03:25 Who witnesses the moon, let him fast in it.
03:48 You are supposed to fast every month (my personal opinion).
03:54 The Ramadan idea is arbitrary, to connect the Quran with ‘this religion’.
04:37 Substituting the days of fast.
05:06 God’s desire: for you to complete the fast, to magnify Him, to be grateful.
05:40 What happened during my last fast.
07:19 Sura 2:186-187 expounded.
09:56 “The limits of God” explained.
10:30 The point of fasting: ‘to increase you in taqwa’.
10:43 Fasting is a ‘technique’, one method for ‘clearing accounts’.
11:02 Doing the ‘minimum’ is to miss the intention.
11:52 This methodology is a way of growing closer to God (re. 2:186).
12:10 ‘Believe in Me’ expounded, (not just fuzzy feelings, but actions).
13:35 This fasting is the minimum, you can do more if you like.
13:58 My intentions to fast on 4th December for 10 days.
14:15 Isn’t that (fasting) what you (we) need right now? (rhetorical question).
15:32 An appeal for anyone who wish to do something against this system.
16:09 … to make the punishment of God become binding.
17:00 Fasting, use it as a technology.

[Thanks to Azim Zahur for providing time codes]

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