This Life Is A War – Even Though It May Not Look Like One Yet Where You Are

The first step in responding appropriately to attack is realising that you are under attack. Failure in this first point means you are doomed to lose no matter what else you might do. In this talk, I summarise that believers (of whatever stripe – but focused mainly on believers in the Qur’an alone) need to understand that this life is a war.


O you who heed warning: seek help in patience and duty
(God is with the patient)
And say not of those killed for the cause of God: They are dead.
The truth is: they are living but you perceive not.
And we will try you with something of fear and hunger and loss of wealth and lives and fruits.
And bear thou glad tidings to the patient
Those who when misfortune befalls them say: We belong to God and to him are we returning.
Upon these are duties and mercy from their lord.
And these are the rightly guided. (2:153-157)

O mankind:
The promise of God is true
So let not the life of this world deceive you.
And let not the Deceiver deceive you about God.
The shayṭān is an enemy to you
So take him as an enemy.
He but calls his party that they might be among the companions of the inferno.
Those who are indifferent to warning
They have a severe punishment.
And those who heed warning and do deeds of righteousness
They have forgiveness and a great reward. (35:5-7)

And we have created you.
Then have we fashioned you.
Then said we to the angels: Submit to Ādam.
And they submitted save Iblīs.
He was not of those who submit.
He said: What hinders thee that thou dost not submit when I command thee?
Said he: I am better than he
Thou createdst me of fire and thou createdst him of clay.
He said: Get thee down therefrom
It is not for thee to be proud therein:
Go thou forth
Thou art of those brought low.
Said he: Grant thou me respite until the day they are raised up.
He said: Thou art of those granted respite.
Said he: Because thou hast sent me astray I will lie in wait for them on thy straight path
Then will I come at them from before them
And from behind them
And from their right hand
And from their left hand.
And thou wilt not find most of them grateful.
He said: Go thou forth therefrom condemned, banished.
Whoso follows thee from among them, I will fill Hell with you all together. (7:11-18)

And oh that among the generations before you there had but been a remnant forbidding corruption in the earth
Save a few whom we saved among them!
And those who did wrong followed what they had been given therein of opulence
And were evildoers
(And thy lord destroyed not the cities in injustice
When their people were those who do right.
And had thy lord willed he would have made mankind one community.
But they will cease not to differ
Save he upon whom thy lord has mercy.)
And for that did he create them
And the word of thy lord is fulfilled:
I will fill Hell with jinn and mankind all together.
And all we relate to thee among the reports of the messengers is that we might make firm thy heart thereby.
And there has come to thee in this the truth
And an exhortation
And a reminder for the believers.
And say thou to those who do not believe:
Work according to your power.
I am working.
And wait.
We are waiting.
And to God belongs the unseen of the heavens and the earth.
And to him will be returned the whole matter.
So serve thou him
And place thou thy trust in him.
And thy lord is not unmindful of what you do. (11:16-123)


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