The Qur’an vs “Religion”

An exposition of 6:136-153 which provides a dramatic example of the tension within the Qur’an between its teachings and those of “religion”.

And they make for God
Of what he sows of tilth and cattle a portion:
They say: This is for God
(According to their claim
And this is for our partners
And what is for their partners:
It does not reach God.
And what is for God:
It reaches their partners.
Evil is what they judge.
And thus do their partners make fair to many among the idolaters the killing of their children
That they might bring them to ruin
And obfuscate their doctrine for them.
And had God willed they would not do it.
So leave thou them and what they fabricate.
And they say: These cattle and tilth are taboo, none is to eat them save whom we will
(According to their claim)
And cattle whose backs are made unlawful
And cattle over which they remember not the name of God
As an invention against him.
He will requite them for what they invented.
And they say: That which is in the bellies of such cattle is exclusively for our males and forbidden our wives
And if it be dead:
They are all partners therein.
He will requite them for their description.
He is wise, knowing.
They have lost, those who foolishly kill their children without knowledge
And make unlawful what God provided them, as an invention about God.
They have gone astray and are not rightly guided.
And he it was who brought into being gardens
Trellised and untrellised
And the date-palms
And crops diverse in its food
And the olive
And the pomegranate
Alike and not alike.
Eat of the fruit thereof when it bears fruit
And render its due on the day of its harvest.
And commit not excess.
God loves not the committers of excess.
And of the cattle for burden and for skin
Eat of what God has provided you and follow not the footsteps of the shayṭān.
He is an open enemy to you.
Eight pairs: of sheep two and of goats two––
Say thou: Has he forbidden the two males or the two females?
If what the wombs of the two females contain:
Inform me with knowledge if you be truthful.
And of camels two and of oxen two––
Say thou: Has he forbidden the two males or the two females?
If what the wombs of the two females contain:
Or if you were witnesses when God enjoined this upon you:
Then who is more unjust than he who invents a lie about God that he might lead people astray without knowledge?
God guides not the wrongdoing people.
Say thou: I find not in what I am instructed anything made unlawful to one who would eat it save it be carrion
Or blood poured forth
Or the flesh of swine:
(And it is abomination)
Or a wanton perfidy dedicated to other than God.
But whoso is forced, neither desiring nor transgressing:
Thy lord is forgiving, merciful.
And unto those who hold to Judaism we made unlawful every animal with a claw
And of ox and sheep we made unlawful to them the fat thereof
Save what their backs carry
Or the entrails
Or what is mixed with bone.
That we rewarded them for their sectarian zealotry.
And we are truthful.
And if they reject thee:
Say thou: Your lord is a lord of vast mercy
But not repelled is his wrath from the evildoing people.
Those who ascribe a partnership will say:
Had God so willed we would not have ascribed a partnership
Nor would our fathers
Nor would we have made anything unlawful.
(Thus did those who were before them reject until they tasted our might.)
Say thou: Have you any knowledge?
Then bring it forth for us.
You follow only assumption.
And you tell only lies.
Say thou: Then to God belongs the conclusive argument:
Had he willed he would have guided you all together.
Say thou: Bring your witnesses who bear witness that God made this unlawful.
Then if they bear witness
Then bear thou not witness with them.
And follow thou not the vain desires of those who repudiate our proofs
And those who believe not in the hereafter and ascribe equals to their lord.
Say thou: Come, I will recite to you what your lord has made unlawful for you:
That you ascribe a partnership with him ­­to anything
(While towards parents good conduct)
And kill not your children out of poverty
(We will provide for you and for them)
And approach not sexual immoralities
(Whether open or concealed)
And kill not the soul which God has made unlawful
Save aright.
That he enjoined upon you
That you might use reason.
And approach not the property of the fatherless
(Save with what is better)
Until he reach his maturity. […]

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