The “Muhammad Was A Paedophile” Meme Rejected By The Qur’an

Nowhere in the Qur’an is there support for marrying women who are not legally competent despite all of Brand Islam’s extraneous inventions.


And if you fear that you cannot do justice by the fatherless:
Marry what pleases you of the women
Or three
Or four
But if you fear that you cannot do justice, then one
Or what your right hands possess.
That is more likely that you will do no injustice.
And give the women their dowries as a free gift.
But if they remit to you anything of it voluntarily
Then consume it with ease and pleasure. (4:3-4)

And they ask thee for a ruling concerning women.
Say thou: God gives you the ruling concerning them
And what is recited upon you in the law concerning the fatherless women
(To whom you give not what is ordained for them when you desire to marry them)
And concerning the oppressed among the children
And that you uphold equity with the fatherless.
And whatever good you do:
God knows it. (4:127)

At 33:51 provision for the prophet himself followed by:

Not lawful for thee are women thereafter
Nor that thou exchange them for any wives though their beauty impress thee
Save what thy right hand possesses.
And God is watchful over all things. (33:52)

The Traditionalist forwards a number of calumnious claims against the prophet, including that of marriage to a child as well as taking more wives than the number allowed by the Qur’an. None of these claims find any support in the Qur’an. Supporters of the idea that Muḥammad took many wives must ignore the fact that the operative word at 33:52 is exchange; if the prophet were not bound by the Qur’anic limit of four wives any exchange would be redundant. The fact is this that the wording here suggests exactly how many wives the prophet had: four.

The Traditionalist claims – against the Qur’an – that Muhammad had more than four wives at one time;

The Traditionalist makes claims for a child bride for Muhammad.

This is not only NOT found in the Qur’an, it is a calumny against it and against Muhammad. But with friends like that, you are not in much need of enemies.

And for such of your women as despair of menstruation – if you doubt – their waiting period shall be three moons
As well as for those who have not menstruated.
And for those who are bearing, their waiting period shall be till they lay down their burden.
And whoso is in prudent fear of God, he makes for him of his command ease. (65:4)

Often said by the Traditionalist – on the basis of his library of dubious fiction – to mean female children who have not started menstruation. To those who claim that the mood is perfect under the influence of lam (i.e. who have not yet[…]) I would point out that the relative pronoun and the verb are in the feminine plural and refer to (in fact, can only refer to) women (Arabic: nisā’) in the preceding clause. The Qur’an speaks of women as legally competent females (who can own property, take oaths, bear witness, swear fealty, incur punishment for their crimes). Minors can do none of those things. Cases of women not menstruating while not pregnant are not unusual and it is this which is referenced here. Rather than allowing the Traditionalist to open the door to child-sex unchallenged – and ascribe such actions to a messenger of God – it is time the Qur’an was allowed a voice through the consistent application of its proven values, and the later foolish and evil insinuations exposed on that basis.


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