The God Protocol: Chapter 8: The People Of Shu’ayb

Here I read the draft of Chapter Eight of my forthcoming book The God Protocol.

This chapter deals with the prophet Shu’ayb and his mission of warning which preceded the destruction by an act of God of the people of Madyan (Midian).

Here is the playlist which will contain all readings moving forward:


And to Madyan, their brother Shuʿayb:
He said: O my people: serve God.
You have no god but he.
There has come to you clear evidence from your lord
So fulfil the measure
And the balance
And deprive not men of their things
And work not corruption in the earth after its right ordering.
That is better for you if you be believers.
And lie not in wait on every road.
You threaten and divert from the path of God him who has believed in it, and you seek deviation therein.
And remember when you were few, how he multiplied you.
And see how was the final outcome of the workers of corruption.
And if a number among you believes in that wherewith I have been sent and a number believes not:
Be patient until God judges between us.
And he is the best of judges.
Said the eminent ones who were proud among his people:
We will turn thee, O Shuʿayb, and those who heed warning with thee out of our city if you return not to our creed.
He said: Even though we be unwilling?
We should have invented a lie about God if we returned to your creed after God has delivered us from it.
It is for us to return to it only if God our lord should will.
Our lord comprehends all things in knowledge.
In God have we placed our trust.
Our lord: decide thou between us and our people aright
For thou art the best of those who decide.
And said the eminent ones who were indifferent to warning among his people:
If you follow Shuʿayb you will then be the losers.
Then the earthquake seized them.
And morning found them lying prone in their dwelling
Those who rejected Shuʿayb
As though they had not lived therein.
Those who rejected Shuʿayb
It was they who were the losers.
Then he turned from them and said: O my people: I have conveyed to you the messages of my lord
And have been a sincere counsellor to you.
Then how should I grieve for a people who spurn guidance while claiming virtue? (7:85-93)

And to Madyan, their brother Shuʿayb:
He said: O my people: serve God.
You have no god but he.
Defraud not the measure and the balance.
I see you in affluence
And I fear for you the punishment of an encompassing day.
And: O my people:
Fulfil the measure and the balance with equity.
And deprive not men of their things.
And commit not evil in the earth, working corruption.
What remains from God is better for you if you be believers.
And I am not a custodian over you.
They said: O Shuʿayb: does thy duty command thee that we leave what our fathers served
Or that we do with our property what we will?
Thou art the forbearing, the right-minded!
He said: O my people: have you considered: if I am upon clear evidence from my lord and he provides me a goodly provision from him[…]?
And I desire not to oppose you unto that which I forbid you.
I desire only right ordering so far as I am able.
And my success is only through God.
In him have I placed my trust
And to him do I turn.
And: O my people:
Let not my dissension cause you to commit evil
That there befall you what befell the people of Nūḥ
Or the people of Hūd
Or the people of Ṣāliḥ
And the people of Lūṭ are not far from you.
And seek forgiveness of your lord
Then turn to him.
My lord is merciful, loving.
They said: O Shuʿayb:
We understand not much of what thou sayest
And we see thee among us as weak.
And were it not for thy family we would have stoned thee.
And thou art of no account to us[…]


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