The God Protocol: Chapter 6: Destruction Of The People of Ibrahim

Here I read Chapter Six of my book The God Protocol.

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Has not the report of those before them reached them:
The people of Nūḥ
And ʿĀd
And Thamūd
And the people of Ibrāhīm
And the people of Madyan
And the cities thrown down?
Their messengers came to them with clear evidence.
And God wronged them not
But they wronged their souls. (9:70)

And if they reject thee
Then there rejected before them
The people of Nūḥ
And ʿĀd
And Thamūd
And the people of Ibrāhīm
And the people of Lūṭ
And the people of Madyan.
And Mūsā was rejected.
And I reprieved those who spurn guidance while claiming virtue.
Then I seized them.
And how was my rejection? (22:42-44)

And when the alarm had left Ibrāhīm and the glad tidings reached him
He pleaded with us for the people of Lūṭ.
Ibrāhīm was forbearing, compassionate, penitent.
O Ibrāhīm: forsake thou this
The command of thy lord has come.
And come to them is a punishment which cannot be repelled. (11:74-75)

Ibrāhīm was a leader devoutly dutiful to God
Inclining to truth
And he was not of the idolaters.
One grateful for his favours
He chose him and guided him to a straight path.
And we gave him good in this world.
And in the hereafter he is among the righteous.
Then we instructed thee:
Follow thou the creed of Ibrāhīm
Inclining to truth
And he was not of the idolaters. (16:120-123)

And remember thou in the law Ibrāhīm
(He was a man of truth, a prophet)
When he said to his father:
O my father: why servest thou what hears not nor sees
Nor can in anything avail thee?
O my father: there has come to me knowledge that has come not to thee.
So follow thou me
I will lead thee to an even path.
O my father: serve thou not the shayṭān.
The shayṭān is to the Almighty defiant.
O my father: I fear lest there afflict thee a punishment from the Almighty
And thou become an ally to the shayṭān.
Said he: Forsakest thou my gods, O Ibrāhīm?
If thou cease not I will stone thee.
And depart thou from me a good while.
He said: Peace be unto thee!
I will ask forgiveness for thee of my lord.
He is gracious towards me.
And I will withdraw from you and that to which you call besides God
And will call to my lord.
It may be that I will not in my call to my lord be unhappy.
So when he had withdrawn from them and what they were serving besides God
We gave him Isḥāq and Yaʿqūb.
And each we made a prophet.
And we gave to them from our mercy
And we made for them the tongue of truthfulness exalted. (19:41-50)

There was for you a good model in Ibrāhīm and those with him
When they said to their people: We are innocent of you and all that you serve besides God.
We reject you and there has arisen between us and you enmity and hatred time without end until you believe in God alone.
(Save the saying of Ibrāhīm to his father: I will ask forgiveness for thee though I have no power for thee against God.)
Our lord: in thee we place our trust.
And to thee do we turn repentant.
And to thee is the journey’s end.
Our lord: make thou not us a means of denial
For those who are indifferent to warning
And forgive thou us, our lord.
Thou art the Mighty, the Wise.
There was for you in them a good model for one who expects God and the Last Day.
And whoso turns away:
God: he is the Free from Need, the Praiseworthy. (60:4-6)


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