The Compilation And Preservation Of The Qur’an – According To Qur’anic Statements

The Traditionalist has a complex narrative about how the Qur’an was supposedly compiled and preserved. But does it agree with the Qur’an’s own statements?

O you who heed warning: ask not about things if revealed to you would grieve you.
But if you ask about them while the Qur’an is being sent down they will be revealed to you.God pardoned those.
And God is forgiving, forbearing. (5:101)

By the glorious Qur’an! (50:1)

We sent down the remembrance
And we are its custodians. (15:9)

Those who deny the remembrance when it comes to them[…]
And it is a mighty decree
(Vanity cannot reach it from before it or from after it)
A successive revelation from one wise, praiseworthy. (41:41-42)

Say thou: What thing is greatest in witness?
Say thou: God is witness between me and you.
And this Qur’an is given me as instruction that I might warn you therewith and whom it reaches. (6:19)

No, indeed!
It is a reminder
So whoso wills might remember it
In honoured writings
Exalted, purified
By the hands of scribes
Noble, virtuous. (80:11-16)

Those who hear the word and follow the best thereof.
These are they whom God guides
And these are those possessed of insight. (39:18)

And when thou recitest the Qur’an:
Seek thou refuge in God from the accursed shayṭān
(He has no warrant against those who heed warning and in their lord place their trust.
His warrant is but against those who take him for ally
And those who ascribe a partnership to him.)
And when we change by a proof the place of a proof.
And God knows best what he sends down in stages.
They say: Thou art but inventing.
The truth is: most of them know not.
Say thou: The Spirit of Holiness brought it down from thy lord aright
That it might strengthen those who heed warning
And as guidance
And glad tidings for the submitted. (16:98-102)

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