The “Allah Is A Moon God” Meme: What The Qur’an Itself Says

Christian apologists as well as New Agers routinely make (and repeat) the claim that “allah” (Arabic for God) means a moon god.

In this talk, I briefly show how this cannot be the case from the Qur’an itself.


• Christians hysterical assessment of Qur’an based on nothing
• Not here to represent or defend brand Islam
• Get this on many subject, particularly about fighting, where the Christian has heard half a thought out of context or told about “killing Jews” etc by his mullah
• What the Qur’an actually says

• Allah – the moon god
o pseudo grammar about the sun (female), moon (male) gender
o conflated with supposed pre-Islamic “history”

And we gave them not any decrees which they study
And we sent not to them before thee any warner.
And those before them rejected.
And they attained not to one tenth of what we gave them
But they rejected my messengers.
And how was my rejection? (34:44-45)

And when Ibrāhīm said to his father Āzar: Hast thou taken things fashioned as gods?
I see thee and thy people in obvious error.
And thus we showed Ibrāhīm the kingdom of the heavens and the earth
And that he might be of those who are certain.
Then when the night covered him he saw a star.
He said: This is my lord.
Then when it passed he said: I love not those that pass.
Then when he saw the moon emerge he said: This is my lord.
Then when it passed he said: If my lord guide me not I will be of the people who stray.
Then when he saw the sun emerge he said: This is my lord, this is greater!
Then when it passed he said: O my people: I am innocent of that to which you ascribe a partnership.
I set my face towards him who made the heavens and the earth
Inclining to truth
And I am not of the idolaters. (6:74-79)

Is it likely then that if Allah is a “moon god” that his book tells us that the moon is not God?

Christians: crescent moon equals the moon god; but then you have the Christian cross (sun) and star of David. Ibrahim worshipped none of these.


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