Talmud And Hadith – And Following God’s Revelations

Traditionalist Islam criticises Talmudic Judaism for deserting the Torah in favour of the inventions of men, yet that is precisely what Traditionalist Islam does with regard to the Qur’an on the basis of Hadith.


• Listening to a lot of rabbinic Jews: listen long enough, some of their arguments seem to make sense
• Same arguments made for “oral Torah” as made for the hadith
• For example, the Torah tells those of the covenant of Abrahim to circumcise their sons, but it doesn’t say how to
• The oral Torah supposedly has all the “details” – sound familiar
• The oral Torah is a question for bani Israil to decide – but Traditionalist Muslims criticism rabbinic Jews for falling away from the Torah in favour of what their own hands write – something which the Qur’an accuses them of
• Al baraqah: God tells you to sacrifice a heifer

And when Mūsā said to his people: God commands you to sacrifice a heifer.
They said: Dost thou make mockery of us?
He said: I seek refuge in God lest I be of the ignorant.
They said: Call thou to thy lord for us that he make plain to us what she is.
He said: He says: She is a heifer neither old nor young
Middling, in between.
Then do what you are commanded.
They said: Call thou to thy lord for us that he make plain to us what her hue is.
He said: He says: She is a yellow heifer
Bright is her hue
Making glad the beholders.
They said: Call thou to thy lord for us that he make plain to us what she is.
Heifers seem alike to us
And – if God should will – we will be rightly guided.
He said: He says: She is a heifer neither broken to plough the earth
Nor to water the tilth
No blemish on her.
They said: Now hast thou brought the truth.
Then they sacrificed her
But they had hardly done it. (2:67-71)

• Another argument is keeping the sabbath. In the Torah breaking the sabbath is a capital offence; so you need to know how to
• Problem is two-fold:
o One is that even with the oral Torah / hadith there comes a point where the application of reason becomes required; not every outcome can be handled. There comes a point where itjihad becomes required. The question is only a matter of when: before you start making stuff up and adding it to the revelation of God or before it?
o There is nothing wrong with a leadership creating laws. That happens anyway under both systems. The problem is in saying that these laws come from God.

So woe to those who write the law with their hands then say: This is from God
That they might sell it at a cheap price.
So woe to them for what their hands have written
And woe to them for what they earn. (2:79)

Again, I am not arguing against the creation of a legal system with specifics. But that system must be based on eternal principles and not arrogate to itself the same status – i.e. to claim to come from God – as those principles.


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL-E3RRV344