Real Believers Prefer Other Believers

The talking shops of so-called Quran-alone Islam abound, but people largely seem to be engaged in a parlour game: endlessly discussing what they think the Quran means.

But in real life, all too often people are choosing not to do business or make friends with other believers.

In this talk, I share my thoughts on this situation.


O you who heed warning:
Take not your fathers and your brethren as allies if they prefer denial to faith.
And whoso among you takes them as allies:
These are the wrongdoers.
Say thou:
If your fathers
And your sons
And your brethren
And your wives
And your kindred
And the wealth you have acquired
And trade wherein you fear a decline
And dwellings with which you are pleased
Be dearer to you than God and his messenger and striving in his way
Then wait until God brings his command.
And God guides not the wantonly perfidious people.


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