MGTOW, Believing Men And The Feminist Tyranny: Men, Wake Up And Man Up!

MGTOW – or men going their own way – is a logical, intelligent male response to the tyranny of feminism. And it is growing. And I understand why, though I do not agree with all its conclusions. But MGTOW has implications and lessons for believing men.


In short: men are to take charge:

Men are responsible for women by what God has favoured one of them over another
And by what they spend of their wealth. (4:34)

Women are clearly of equal value (i.e. their faith, their works, their fasting etc. is of equal value to that of the man).

The submitted men
And the submitted women
And the believing men
And the believing women
And the devoutly dutiful men
And the devoutly dutiful women
And the truthful men
And the truthful women
And the patient men
And the patient women
And the humble men
And the humble women
And the men who give charity
And the women who give charity
And the men who fast
And the women who fast
And the men who are custodians of their modesty
And the women who are custodians
And the men who remember God much
And the women who remember:
God has prepared for them forgiveness and a tremendous reward. (33:35)

But they are not the same as a man:

And the male is not like the female (3:36)

Men today are abdicating their obligations as men. They are failing in their duty (their salat) to God for one very simple reason: they can’t say no to women.

Let me repeat that: they can’t say no to women.

Again: men and women are different. And if you are going to be a man, you are going to have to learn to say no to women. Because if you do not, then you are no different to a woman.

Men are born with an innate compass; a sense of duty to a higher calling. Women – in their natural state – are looking for a man with that calling or vision because she wants to reproduce from good stock in safety.

She wants to know that the ship she is boarding has a captain with a map and a compass. She wants a man who knows where he is going.

Women are collectivistic and incline towards real power. At the moment, most women in the west are fundamentally married to the state and weaponised against their own interests, their own families, their own husbands (not that they really have one other than the state).

They are, in short, a Marxist totalitarian dictator’s wet dream.

Extend MGTOW to BMGTOW: Believing Men Going Their Own Way.

Only you will know what that means for you. Only you can know what that means for you. And it will mean taking stock for yourself; risking for yourself; choosing for yourself; fighting for yourself – being prepared to stand up and be counted for what you are and paying whatever price that comes with that because your eyes are fixed not on the road but on the destination.

Sure, you’ll have to pack your travel bag the best you can, and gauge the terrain the best you can, and arm yourself the best you can, and plot your course the best you can – using facts and reason and logic and faith.

But when the sleet and snow drive down upon you and the wolves are circling, you will LEARN to overcome – or die trying.

Allies come and go. Friends come and go. Even enemies come and go. But you stay focused on where you are going because that is what a MAN does. That is what a MAN is.

And THAT is what a feminised society conspires to make you forget: your true nature.

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