Man Was Created Into Adversity: Surah 90 With Exposition

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00:08 Introduction
00:58 A look at interpolation by some translators of the Qur’an.
– interpolate, to insert (something of a different nature) into something else.
– they start with the end in mind.
02:02 Reading Sura 90:1-3
02:44 Hilali and Khan , an exemplary of the traditionalist’s position.
– interprets the Qur’an through the prism of hadith.
– provides useful counterpoints.
– advocates (some) Sunni positions.
– advocates ‘this city’ as Macca.
04:38 Traditionalist interprets Bacca as Macca.
04:48 Qur’an conspicuous by lack of place names and why this is useful.
05:36 The Qur’an has descriptions.
– the belly of Macca describes something closed in (does not fit Saudi Arabia).
05:52 It fits Petra like a glove.
06:25 Sura Ar-Rum, the Romans have been defeated in the lowest land (the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth).
07:19 Hilali and Khan inserted ‘Macca’ (for ‘this land’)
07:36 ‘Thou art a freeman in this land’ – some translator’s renditions.
08:44 Manipulations of translation (example of Hilali and Khan’s interpolation).
09:44 By the begetter and what he begot, this is remainder of the oath.
11:39 Referral to Said Mirza’s video.
12:12 Shahada of Brand Islam is shirk (to associate another name, alongside God).
12:43 Should we assume Mecca like the traditionalist?
12:55 The only place where makkah is mentioned in the Qur’an, is
– in Sura 48:24
– describes a belly, something closed in
– is a common noun (generic), not proper noun (place).
13:30 Al-Masjid Al-Haram mentioned in Sura 9:28
– is only a historical place
– not binding on believers
– re.
14:28 Petra was a place of pilgrimage for thousands of years.
– was abandoned (Qur’an Sura 9:28 – do not approach after this ‘their year’)
– is (only) a historical event
15:07 Thou (Muhammad) art a freeman in ‘this land’, with exposition.
– re Qur’an 93:6 (Muhammad was fatherless, astray and in need).
16:22 We have given thee abundance (kawthar), Sura 108
– these are stages in Muhammad’s life
17:21 Convert vs. revert (ref. to Muhammad Asad’s conversion).
18:44 Quoting the notes of Muhammad Asad, the sane side of the traditionalist.
19:16 A political agenda being pushed.
19:43 Critiquing Muhammad Asad’s exposition on 90:1-3
– Macca occurs only once in the Qur’an , and it is a common noun.
21:10 More on Muhammad Asad’s exposition.
23:12 ‘This land’:
– the place where Abraham was at 14;35
– also at 90:1, 90:2 and 95:3 (Qur’an).
24:05 Reference to Sura 95:1-3
– by ‘this land secure’ (traditionalist’s insinuations implied)
– by Mt. Sinai (it’s not in Egypt)
24:40 Mt. Sinai today was ‘identified’ by Constantine’s sister.
– does not meet the geographical characteristics of Mt. Sinai.
– problems with place names reiterated
25:22 The mountain of Moses in Saudi Arabia (the real Mt. Sinai inferred).
26:48 ‘This land’ is not in Mecca, and Mt. Sinai (of Qur’an/Bible) is not in Egypt.
26:52 Place names move, with reference to Kamal Salibi’s ‘The Bible came from Arabia’
27:08 Key take away:
– Muhammad was a freeman of that land,
– He, like everyone follows a process of being begotten.
27:51 Reading Sura 90:4
– We have created man into adversity
– Life, it was meant to be tough
28:00 Having fun or pretending to, is very popular.
29:30 An aside (dealing with adversity)
– I don’t trust modernist
– when push comes to shove they fold
– they want to fight the new world order from the comfort of their living room.
30:43 You want people who have already been through tough times.
31:00 Adversity isn’t an aberration, it’s what God created us for (re.Sura 2:214)
31:25 My own story of adversity.
31:50 Reading Sura 90:5
– Thinks he that none has power over him?
– God has power over him to create adversity.
32:08 Conversely, God has power to alleviate your adversity.
– with hardship comes ease (Sura 94:5)
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