Look Ahead To See Where You’re Going: Surah 70 With Exposition

1 A petitioner asked about a punishment to come
2 To the false claimers of guidance — there is none to avert it —
3 From God, Owner of the Means of Ascent: —
4 The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him in a day the measure whereof is fifty thousand years
5 So be thou patient with comely patience.
6 They see it as far off,
7 But We see it as near: —
8 The day the sky will be like molten brass,
9 And the mountains like wool,
10 And no loyal friend will ask of a loyal friend.
11 They will be given sight of them: — the lawbreaker will wish that should he be ransomed from the punishment of that day by his sons,
12 And his consort, and his brother,
13 And his kinsmen who sheltered him,
14 And whoso is in the earth all together — then might it deliver him.
15 No, indeed! It is a blazing fire,
16 Removing the scalp,
17 Calling him who turned and went away
18 And gathered and hoarded.
19 Man was created anxious
20 — When evil touches him, impatient,
21 And when good touches him, withholding —
22 Save the performers of duty:
23 Those who are constant in their duty,
24 And those in whose wealth is a due known
25 For the petitioner and the one deprived,
26 And are those who confirm the Day of Judgment,
27 And are those who, of the punishment of their Lord, are in dread,
28 (The punishment of their Lord is not that from which there is safety)
29 And are those who preserve their chastity
30 Save with their wives, or what their right hands possess — for then are they not blameworthy,
31 (But whoso seeks beyond that: it is they who are the transgressors)
32 And are those who are to their trusts and their covenant attentive,
33 And are those who, in their witness, are upright,
34 And are those who preserve their duty:
35 Those are in gardens, honoured.
36 Then what ails those who ignore warning that they, before thee, are straining forward
37 On the right, and on the left, in separate groups?
38 Does every man among them hope to be made to enter a garden of bliss?
39 No, indeed! We have created them from what they know.
40 Then do I swear by the Lord of the Easts and the Wests that We are able
41 To exchange them for better than they; and We will not be outdone.
42 So leave thou them to discourse vainly and play until they meet their day which they are promised:
43 The day they will come forth from the graves in haste, as though towards an idol, running,
44 Their eyes humbled, humiliation covering them. That is the day which they are promised.


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