Learning To Look Again At What We Think We Know: Surah 79 With Exposition

01:03 – Hard copy books will be available in a few weeks
01:34 – Start of Surah 79. Verses 1-5 and oaths in the Qur’an. Notes available to read in the PDF on the Qur’an reader
03:17 – Verses 6-7. The Qur’an uses oaths or proofs to help us understand things to come
03:55 – Verses 8-9. People will be humbled on the Day of Judgment. You can turn to God and He will accept you.
07:34 – Verses 10-12. God will resurrect us. Reflecting on Al-Fatihah
12:22 – Verse 13, ‘and it will be but one cry’. Religious eschatology cannot be found in the Qur’an.
14:43 – Verse 14. Traditionalists will twist the meaning of some words in the Qur’an to fit in external narratives. All religions which follow man-made doctrines have cult-like similarities
24:18 – Verses 15-17, Moses’ mission and the God protocol. Audio downloads of the Qur’an can be found on the Quranite website.
25:08 – Verses 18-21. Narratives switch in the Qur’an, this method of presentation allows for scene changes almost like in a film
28:20- Verses 22-26. Pharaoh is a example of those who are tyrannous. The Qur’an contains instructions on how to overthrow tyranny.
32:56 – Verses 27-28. God built the sky, the presentation of the Qur’an does not fit with the current “scientific” method presented by NASA. Muslim countries have had to comport with the west, not realizing their downfall is due to abandoning the Qur’an and creating laws using the Hadith literature.
40:09 – Verse 29-30. Dahā means to spread out or to flatten. Claims are made for this verb which attempt to associate it with ostrich eggs, and thereby to link it with that concept of roundness.
44:04 – Verse 34-41. You will be punished or rewarded for what you did.
45:05 – Verse 42. Religious eschatology is made up, it has no basis in the Qur’an. It takes intellectual maturity to challenge what we know and come to new conclusions.
51:07 – Verses 43-46. Muhammad was a prophet, a leader and a warner.

[Thanks to Daniel Mahmood for supplying time codes]


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64twkomWNjw