Islam’s Claim For Order Of Qur’anic Revelation Rejected On Basis Of The Qur’an

In this talk I introduce the concept of parenthetical statements in the Qur’an (which by themselves solve many of the problems the Traditionalist has made for himself) and then use that to demonstrate why surah 96 could not have been the first revealed, as brand Islam would have one believe.


And when thou recitest the Qur’an:
Seek thou refuge in God from the accursed shayṭān
(He has no warrant against those who heed warning and in their lord place their trust.
His warrant is but against those who take him for ally
And those who ascribe a partnership to him.)
And when we change by a proof the place of a proof.
And God knows best what he sends down in stages.
They say: Thou art but inventing.
The truth is: most of them know not. (16:98-101)

Glorify thou the name of thy lord, the Most High
Who created
And fashioned
And who determined
And guided
And who brought forth the pasture
Then made it russet-brown decay
(We will make thee recite
And thou wilt not forget.)
Save that God should will.
He knows the manifest and the hidden
And we will ease thee towards ease.
So remind thou.
If the reminder benefit
He will take heed who fears. (87:1-10)

Recite thou in the name of thy lord who created
Created man from a clinging thing.
Recite thou
And thy lord is the Most Noble
Who taught by the pen
Taught man what he knew not. (96:1-5)


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