How To Live In This Crazy World

Being a believer in an unbelieving world – one which seems bent on getting to Hell as quickly as possible – is not easy. Especially if you have children.

• how to live in this crazy world turning into an open tyranny
• no definitive answers; our experience
• wife Russian; me and child British and Russian
o Russia
o Spain
o UK
o Georgia
• Nowhere good. Had hopes of community, but I don’t think that is possible now. I encourage people to find likeminded friends in their local areas
• Bureaucracy closing in everywhere
• A single agenda
o A mass cull
o The perfect slave class
• Meanwhile
o promotion of homosexualisation
o liberalism / decadence / decay in the west
o cost of living is frighteningly high
♣ fake everything
♣ anything good or real costs twice or three times what you think it does
♣ everything designed to break
• What to do? Family, children
• Easy to become disheartened
• For us, our project is about warning the elite; the implication is that this could be the end.
• My thoughts:
o Firstly, only God knows when the end will come
o We should invest in ourselves and our children because it is the right thing to do
o Don’t be like the JWs: no education, no opportunities, can’t do anything but “witness”
o I don’t force the Qur’an down my child’s throat. Can’t understand much of it anyway. It’s the life lived not the words preached. She sees how we live: reading, praying, working for God is woven into the waft and web of our lives.
o Daddy, you’re a good man. All the confirmation I needed.
o put a lot into her education
♣ English reading
♣ languages
♣ classes
♣ perhaps opt out of school (don’t see the point of it
o You have to live where you can survive in terms of languages / documents
o Find a way of supporting yourselves which is not location dependent
o Live for God. Most important. Don’t wait until you retire to start living
o Did not take a mortgage
o We now live in Russia. Right for us. Russia changed
o However: Putin not “good”
o Built a “holocaust” museum at Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow; doubting the “holocaust” imprisonable offence; the ruble is joined at the hip to the dollar; the Russian legal system was given to it by US AID. I have no illusions.

Then when Mūsā had completed the term and was travelling with his family he perceived from the side of the mount a fire.
He said to his family: Wait here – I perceive a fire.
Perhaps I can bring you intelligence or a firebrand from the fire
That you might warm yourselves.
Then when he came to it he was called from the right side of the valley, on hallowed ground, from the tree:
O Mūsā: I am God, the Lord of All Mankind. (28:29-30)

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