Delusional Modern “Spirituality” vs Traditional Discipline (referencing work of Julius Evola)

The books I reference in this talk are:

* Men Among The Ruins
* Revolt Against The Modern World
* Ride The Tiger
* The Bow And The Club
* The Fall of Spirituality

The video I reference on Hermeneutics, Exegesis, etc. is:

08:30 *The Fall of Spirituality – by Julius Evola
09:57 Introduction to, and context for analysing Evola’s ‘Integral Tradition’ vs. ‘Neo-Spiritualism’ summary list

– 11:35 Elitist vs. Open to all
– 12:55 Hidden vs. Strong public presence
– 13:07 Belongs to a single tradition vs. Eclectic
– 13:48 Origin largely unknown vs. Origin largely known
– 14:55 Spiritual path is consistently the same vs. Spiritual path can be very diverse
– 16:00 Traditional, unchanging, and ahistorical vs. Modern, progressive, and evolutionary
– 16:34 Focus on super consciousness vs. Subconscious is also incorporated
– 17:15 One should remain in a fully conscious state vs. Trance states are also feasible
– 18:09 Spiritual knowledge comes via intellectual intuition vs. Knowledge comes from beyond the rational
– 20:40 Initiation causes an ontological change of state vs. Initiation leads the person upwards gradually
– 22:42 Builds upon the foundation of a strong personality vs. The weak can also “join in”
– 25:08 Uniformity is paramount vs. Uniformity is multiform
– 25:52 The path is amoral vs. The moral “good” is striven after
– 26:58 Ascetic and discipline vs. Wellbeing
– 28:09 Spiritual growth through suffering vs. Avoidance of suffering
– 29:38 Orientation is strictly towards transcendence vs. Orientation is also towards the emotional realm, and towards astro “higher worlds”
– 30:17 Self-made delusions must be dismantled vs. Self-made delusions can also be intensified if they convey something “useful”
– 31:11 High degree of personal commitment vs. {unspecified}
– 31:48 Knowledge comes only through one’s own realisations vs. Secret wisdom can also be taught
– 33:14 Opening is only towards the above vs. Opening is also towards the below
– 34:18 High initiation is only for men vs. Initiation is for everyone

[Thanks to Ali Syed for providing time codes]


Original video: