Death Isn’t Going Anywhere – We Have Only What We Sent Ahead

Death defines us. What are we going to take with us? What will we have on our balances before God on that day? This is the question – and our response to it – which defines who and what we are, and who and what we will be in Eternity.


Every soul will taste death
And you will but be paid in full your rewards on the Day of Resurrection.
And whoso is removed from the fire and made to enter the garden:
He has attained.
And the life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception.
You will be tried in your wealth and in yourselves
And you will hear from those in possession of the law before you and from the idolaters much hindrance.
But if you be patient and in prudent fear:
That is among the determination of matters.

Those who heed warning fight in the cause of God.
And those who are indifferent to warning fight in the cause of idols.
Then fight the allies of the shayṭān.
The plan of the shayṭān is weak.

He it is who created you from clay
Then decreed a term.
And a named term is with him.
Then do you doubt.

And the weighing on that day is the truth.
Then whose balance is heavy:
Those are the successful.
And whose balance is light:
Those are they who lose their souls because they wronged our proofs.

And they return with grace and bounty from God.
Evil touches them not when they seek the approval of God.
And God is one possessing tremendous bounty.
But that: the shayṭān puts his allies in dread of it.
But fear them not.
And fear me if you be believers.

And Ayyūb:
When he called out to his lord:
Adversity has touched me
And thou art the most merciful of those who show mercy.
Then we responded to him
And removed what of adversity was upon him
And gave him his household and their like with them as mercy from our presence
And a reminder for those who serve.
And Ismāʿīl
And Idrīs
And him of the pledge.
All were among the patient.
And we made them enter into our mercy.
They are among the righteous.
And he of the fish:
When he left in wrath
And supposed that we had no power over him
Then he cried out in the darkness:
There is no god save thou.
Glory be unto thee!
I have been among the wrongdoers!
So we responded to him
And delivered him from distress.
And thus do we deliver the believers.
And Zakariyyā:
When he cried out to his lord:
My lord: leave thou me not alone
And thou art the best of inheritors.
Then we responded to him and gave him Yaḥyā and made right his wife for him.
They all competed in good works
And called to us in hope and fear
And were humble towards us.
And she who guarded her modesty:
We breathed into her of our Spirit
And made her and her son a proof for all mankind.
This your community is one community
And I am your lord
So serve me.

And those who emigrate in the cause of God
Then are killed or die:
God will provide for them a goodly provision.
And God
He is the best of providers.
He will make them enter by an entrance with which they will be satisfied.
And God is knowing, forbearing.

If you avoid the enormities of what you are forbidden
We will remove from you your evil and make you enter at a noble entrance.


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