Cults Require Unthinking Conformity – Then They Will Disown You

Cults share common characteristics:
* Abdication of independent thought
* Deception
* Crucially: lack of personal responsibility

He promises them
And arouses desires in them
And the shayṭān promises them only deception.
These: their habitation is Hell
And they will find no refuge therefrom.
But those who heed warning and do deeds of righteousness
We will make them enter gardens beneath which rivers flow
They abiding eternally therein forever.
The promise of God is true.
And who is more truthful than God in speech?

And he swore to them: I am to you a sincere counsellor.
And he led them by deception.

And when the shayṭān makes their deeds fair to them and says:
None among men can defeat you this day when I am at your side
Then when the companies come within sight of one another he turns on his heels and says:
I am innocent of you
I see what you see not
I fear God.
And God is severe in retribution.

Like the example of the shayṭān when he says to man that he should deny:
Then when he denies he says: I am innocent of thee
I fear God, the Lord of All Mankind
So the final outcome for them is that they are in the fire
They abiding eternally therein.

The Quran is clear that there is full responsibility, that our deeds have weight. There will be no shifting of responsibility on to others.

When the earth is in complete convulsion
And the earth brings forth its burdens
And man says: What ails it?
That day will it recount its tales
Because thy lord will instruct it.
That day will men come out
To be shown their deeds.
Then whoso does the weight of an atom of good will see it.
And whoso does the weight of an atom of evil will see it.

This is a huge opportunity. This is something known by libertarians. When you stop whining, stop looking to the group to validate you, stop abdicating moral responsibility, you gain strength.

There is no escape from the consequences of your choices. The really smart thing is to wise up to that reality and to do it now.

Life then becomes like a video game in which you get up pick up all the free points. They are just lying around. Most people ignore them because they are too busy claiming special cultic privileges or looking to the group to save them or validate them.

But you will die alone.

Friends that day will be enemies to one another save those of prudent fear.

When those who were followed will disown those who followed
And they will see the punishment
And the connections between them will be cut off
And those who followed will say:
Were we to return we would disown them just as they have disowned us[…]
Thus will God show them their deeds as regrets for them
And they will not come out of the fire.
O mankind: eat of what is in the earth lawful and good
And follow not the footsteps of the shayṭān.
He is an open enemy to you.
He but enjoins upon you evil and sexual immorality
And that you ascribe to God what you know not.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Qur’an does not contain brand Islam’s cult. It contains simple guidance on how to navigate the deceptions of this world successfully in order to reach the next in the best possible condition.

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