Compromise Is A Trap: Surah 78 With Exposition

00:37 – Start of Surah 78, notes on verses 1-3.
02:08 – The use of “kalla” In the Qur’an, and how the Qur’an reader can be used to easily search for notes and every instance of a particular word in the Qur’an
02:58 – The Qur’an is a book in the correct order. Quite often if you read from the end of one surah you may find the subject continue into the next surah
03:53 – The Satan uses psychological warfare
05:19 – ‘Modern’ Sunni Muslims and the Mountains as stakes
09:58 – God created you in pairs, and built 7 strong heavens
12:56 – Science is ever-changing, whereas the Qur’an says what it says
22:12 – You have a choice, to serve God or to serve the government/media
26:48 – Truth lies in action and responsibility, not in thoughts or opinions
33:04 – You will be rewarded or punished based on what you did
39:31 – God will reveal the truth, there will be no sorcery on The Day
43:34 – The Qur’an is a warning. Only God knows whe the Day of Judgment is

[thanks to Daniel Mahmood for compiling the time codes]


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