Muhammad was not from Mecca

The evidence is that Muhammad came from – or was connected with – Petra. Mecca appears on no map until 300 years after the revelation.

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I recommend those who are interested in facts rather than hearsay and assumption inherited from fathers who themselves did not question to read Dan Gibson’s book Qur’ānic Geography.

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God is GOD – not Allah – in English

The name for God in the English language is God. By using ‘allah’ the Traditionalist injects a cultural value into this word which is not there in the Arabic and should not be there in the English. The word ‘allah’ is not the name of a particular god in Arabic. It is the name: God. It is what Arab Christians call God.

The word allah means God. It is the word used in Arabic Bibles. Calling God by another name in English makes him into some sort of ‘Arabic’ deity – which is inappropriate and wrong. The word for God in English is God.

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Converts to Islam are converts – not ‘reverts’

Using the word ‘revert’ to describe converts to a religion of any kind is a form of cheap intellectual deceit.

The tendency among some Sunnis is to use the word “revert” to describe converts to their religion.

The unsubtle implication is, of course, that Sunni Islam is the pre-existing and universal faith from which some have latterly diverged.

This is predicated, somewhat predictably, upon a ḥadīth (that very literature which has served to preclude many Sunnis from doing due diligence on what the Qur’an’s usage of the word muslīm implies).

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