Ultimately We Will All Be One Of Three Kinds

On the Final Day all mankind will be of three kinds:

1. Those brought near
2. The companions of the right
3. The companions of the left

Now is the time to decide whom you will fear and where you want to spend eternity.

75 ¶56.3 Then I swear by the setting1 of the stars:2
76 — And it is a tremendous oath, if you but knew —
77 It is a noble recitation1
78 In a hidden Writ,1
79 — None will touch it save those purified1—
80 A revelation1 from the Lord of All Creation!
81 Is it this narration1 you disdain
82 And make denial thereof your livelihood?1
83 Oh, that when it1 reaches the throat[…]!2
84 But you at that time will look on.
85 And We were nearer to it1 than you, but you saw not.
86 Oh, that — if you are to be without recompense1 —
87 You but1 sent it2 back, if you be truthful!3
88 Then if he be1 of those brought near:2
89 Then rest,1 and plenty,2 and a garden of bliss.
90 And if he be of the companions of the right:
91 “Peace for thee, among the companions of the right!”
92 And if he be of the denying and the straying:1
93 A welcome of scalding water,
94 And burning in Hell.
95 This is the truth1 of certainty.
96 So give thou glory1 with the name of thy Lord, the Great.


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G3x0TZkh3s

The Easy Path Of Faith In The Qur’an

In this talk I summarise all the Qur’anic verses on:

– Entry to the Garden: why it should be easy
– Intercession: how other people can put things right for you with God
– Provision: why you can expect God to maintain or improve your standard of living no matter what
– Safety: why we should expect to be safe if we follow the majority religious views
– Safety: why we should expect to be safe if we do what the government tells us
– Families: why we should never expect any problems with out families once we believe in God
– Why we won’t be required to use our own minds
– Why we are guaranteed not to live in the times of rules as evil as Pharaoh
– Why we are not expected to follow the messengers by doing what they did and warning by means of revealed scripture


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltO37GTJ2po

God’s Destruction Of Evil Societies Is “The Normal” That Never Changes

This talk is an exposition of surah 54 (Al Qamr / The Moon).

This exposition / discussion treats the Qur’an as a complete revelation and treats the text of the surah as part of that complete revelation.

We look at the Qur’an’s use of refrain / repetition to get key thoughts into the mind, and we learn that God has destroyed communities just like ours in the past.


Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv6CwTjjFSI