A Division As Between Oil And Water: Surah 75 With Exposition

Surah 75: an exposition of the main points.

00:53 The mysterious letters and Surahs 50-114
05:26 Brand Islam, Al-Fatiha and the later portions of the Qur’an
10:18 Start of Surah 75, the division between believers and disbelievers
16:49 How man continues unrestrained
19:18 Quranic presentation of a flat earth
24:42 Our final destination and “taqwa”
31:48 Your beliefs matter and you will be judged
35:14 The use of punctuation in the Qur’an
37:15 Only God knows when the day of judgment is
40:22 Prepping for the unavoidable day of Judgment
43:27 The use of “Salat” in the Qur’an
49:29 the Qur’an mentions a difference between men and women

(Thanks to Daniel Mahmood for time codes)

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