My Work: The Next Stage — What Now My Previous Project Is Complete?

My Work: The Next Stage — What Now My Previous Project Is Complete?

Me, three years ago, saying that my Qur’an project was not open-ended:


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***MY PUBLISHED WORK, 2014-2022***

The body of my work which deconstructs the current Islamic narrative about the Qur’an and demonstrates a purely Qur’anic system of hermeneutics, identifies what I call the God protocol, and solves the 1400 year-old problem of the mysterious letters of the Qur’an is available free in electronic format at:

You can also buy the books there in hardcopy at 10% less than on Amazon and other online stores.

An online version of all parts of The Qur’an: A Complete Revelation (including notes, direct access to Arabic roots, grammar, and lexicons) developed by Said Mirza is available free:


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