When The Sky Splits Open: Surah 82 With Exposition

00:42 – Start of Surah 82, modern Science is always changing
02:06 – Verses 1-2, The traditionalists translations of the Qur’an also describes the sky as a physical object. Similar to the presentation found in the Old Testament
05:49 – Verses 4-5, God will inform us of what we did and didn’t do
06:14 – Verses 6-8, the Qur’an asks us to use reason, to observe what is here. There are many philosophies which have no evidence and have much assumption
07:19 – Verse 9, there is no escaping The Day of Judgment
08:43 – Verses 10-12, it is the nature of man to serve. The Satan has built a system to make men serve other than God… so take the Satan as an enemy
10:38 – Some people make the mistake of worshiping religion as a God
11:33 – Verses 13-16, time moves quickly, and there is no escaping death
12:40 – Verses 17-18, God answers very direct questions in the Qur’an, using repitition to make the questions and answers clear
13:30 – Verse 19, explains some of what the Day of Judgment is and explains that God is in control
13:57 – Why men deny the judgement

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When The Full-Term She-Camels Are Neglected: Surah 81 With Exposition

00:47 – Start of Surah 81
01:37 – Verse 1, My thoughts on Science
04:13 – Verse 2, the description of the stars in the Qur’an does not comport with modern astronomy
04:41 – Verse 3, God will change reality, He is the Lord of all creation
05:48 – Verse 4, worldy interests will fade to nothing
06:12 – Verses 5-7, descriptions of The Day
06:37 – Verses 8-9, reincarnation is not in the Qur’an. Infant killing has happened throughout history and continues to this very day
10:25 – Verses 10-11, the Qur’an describes the sky as something firm and hard
11:09 – Verses 12- 14, you will arrive on the day with what you bring forth in actions
11:30 – Verses 15-18, oaths in the Qur’an help us to understand what is yet to come, the meaning of ‘jawar’
12:49 – Verses 19-21, Muhammad was following the message of God brought to him by Gabriel
13:46 – Verses 22-24, Muhammad had no extra knowledge of the unseen
15:04 – Verse 25, Muhammad was not possessed according to the Qur’an, this debunks the blasphemous reports in Bukhari
16:53 – Verse 26, So whither are you going?
17:49 – Verses 27-29, the Qur’an contains true freedom, anyone can choose to turn to God

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Written Down By Scribes: Surah 80 With Exposition

02:00 – verses 1-4, start of Surah 80. Platforms are available to educate yourself, all of my work is available free on the Quranite website
07:28 – verses 5-8, it is not Muhammad’s job to purify others, despite this fact there is an entire ‘Sunnah’ found in the Hadith literature.
09:02 – verses 8-10, the Qur’an has spread and is available to read and understand, so make use of it
10:49 – verses 11-12, you can choose to remember the Qur’an
12:11 – verses 13-16, the Qur’an was written by righteous scribes on paper at the time of revelation, unlike what the Hadith literature says
16:27 – verses 17-22, God created and determined us, and to him we will return. We are born with certain characteristics.
19:10 – verse 23, the ruling elite are demoralising nations to move us away from God and to ignore our natural “fiṭrah”
26:52 – verses 24-32, God designed everything. There are many ideas outside of the Qur’an which fall short when you analyse the complete context. With the Hadith literature or some science there is much assumption and no concrete factual evidence.
29:10 – verse 33, the Qur’an anticipates a single sudden event before The Day. It does not contain the eschatology found in traditional Islam.
31:15 – verses 34- 42, you will be judged alone. The righteous will rejoice, and the immoral will be covered by dust and blackness.

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Learning To Look Again At What We Think We Know: Surah 79 With Exposition

01:03 – Hard copy books will be available in a few weeks
01:34 – Start of Surah 79. Verses 1-5 and oaths in the Qur’an. Notes available to read in the PDF on the Qur’an reader
03:17 – Verses 6-7. The Qur’an uses oaths or proofs to help us understand things to come
03:55 – Verses 8-9. People will be humbled on the Day of Judgment. You can turn to God and He will accept you.
07:34 – Verses 10-12. God will resurrect us. Reflecting on Al-Fatihah
12:22 – Verse 13, ‘and it will be but one cry’. Religious eschatology cannot be found in the Qur’an.
14:43 – Verse 14. Traditionalists will twist the meaning of some words in the Qur’an to fit in external narratives. All religions which follow man-made doctrines have cult-like similarities
24:18 – Verses 15-17, Moses’ mission and the God protocol. Audio downloads of the Qur’an can be found on the Quranite website.
25:08 – Verses 18-21. Narratives switch in the Qur’an, this method of presentation allows for scene changes almost like in a film
28:20- Verses 22-26. Pharaoh is a example of those who are tyrannous. The Qur’an contains instructions on how to overthrow tyranny.
32:56 – Verses 27-28. God built the sky, the presentation of the Qur’an does not fit with the current “scientific” method presented by NASA. Muslim countries have had to comport with the west, not realizing their downfall is due to abandoning the Qur’an and creating laws using the Hadith literature.
40:09 – Verse 29-30. Dahā means to spread out or to flatten. Claims are made for this verb which attempt to associate it with ostrich eggs, and thereby to link it with that concept of roundness.
44:04 – Verse 34-41. You will be punished or rewarded for what you did.
45:05 – Verse 42. Religious eschatology is made up, it has no basis in the Qur’an. It takes intellectual maturity to challenge what we know and come to new conclusions.
51:07 – Verses 43-46. Muhammad was a prophet, a leader and a warner.

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Online Resource For Students Of The Qur’an – RECOMMENDATION

BR. SAID MIRZA’S OVERVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDXXe-6YNng
THE QURANITE READER RESOURCE: https://reader.quranite.com

* full translation of the Qur’an (The Qur’an: A Complete Revelation by Sam Gerrans)
* all notes from The Qur’an: A Complete Revelation (click to read any note instantly — click again to hide)
* full Arabic text of the Quran
* all Arabic words with ROOTS and all instances — instantly for any verse
* access multiple dictionaries for any Arabic word with one click
* all instances of all words listed with all references across the entire Qur’an
* send links to any verse (with that verse highlighted)
* and more


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Compromise Is A Trap: Surah 78 With Exposition

00:37 – Start of Surah 78, notes on verses 1-3.
02:08 – The use of “kalla” In the Qur’an, and how the Qur’an reader can be used to easily search for notes and every instance of a particular word in the Qur’an
02:58 – The Qur’an is a book in the correct order. Quite often if you read from the end of one surah you may find the subject continue into the next surah
03:53 – The Satan uses psychological warfare
05:19 – ‘Modern’ Sunni Muslims and the Mountains as stakes
09:58 – God created you in pairs, and built 7 strong heavens
12:56 – Science is ever-changing, whereas the Qur’an says what it says
22:12 – You have a choice, to serve God or to serve the government/media
26:48 – Truth lies in action and responsibility, not in thoughts or opinions
33:04 – You will be rewarded or punished based on what you did
39:31 – God will reveal the truth, there will be no sorcery on The Day
43:34 – The Qur’an is a warning. Only God knows whe the Day of Judgment is

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Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD5aSlOl15k

What You Are Promised – It Will Befall: Surah 77 With Exposition

00:47 – Start of Surah 77, Oaths in the Qur’an and appeals to things which we can witness

02:38 – The inevitable Day of Judgment and foreshadowing in the Qur’an

04:08 – Appealing to things that we know to understand things that we don’t know

04:51 – The calamity of The Day, “man was created anxious”

05:35 – The Qur’anic presentation of the sky fits with that of the Old Testament

07:20 – Switching narratives in the text and every new day is a sign

08:42 – The use of refrains in the Qur’an- a warning to the deniers

10:24 – The destruction of the former people, and of the latter

11:35 – The meaning of ‘mujrimun’ in the Qur’an

12:23 – The sign in gestation and the meaning of “taqwa”

15:01 – Examples and signs in the Qur’an alluding to the Day of Judgment

18:03 – God settles all affairs, there will no be lies and no excuses on The Day

20:39 – Anyone can choose to turn to God

23:42 – The ruling elites commit all the crimes which previous peoples were destroyed for

25:05 – Then in what ‘hadith’ after it will they believe?

26:33 – Consider the Qur’an with care, and understand what type of reading is needed

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Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xsHW8J9iPc

Why I Hold The Elites To Account

My entire body of work is directed primarily at the ruling elites. The reason is that they make the decisions, and the society in which we live is a function of those decisions.

This is the Qur’anic method. The Qur’an holds societies to account on the basis of the decisions made by the rulers of those societies.

Whereas the fact of a world ruling elite was obfuscated prior to the last couple of years, now there is no denying it.

0:00: Intro
2:07: Sam’s work /Articles and God Protocol
9:20: Why I hold the elites to account
12:18: Analysis of various scriptures
21:50: The ruling elites are highly religious in their nature and create civilizations
26:37 The rollout of an entire ideology towards a One World Government
27:21 The consequences of their ideology
30:09 Conclusions

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Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2o7vV0J17c