The God Protocol: Chapter 11: Muhammad’s Mission To His Own People (Part 2)

Part 2 of Chapter 11 of the first draft of my book The God Protocol. In this chapter we look at Muhammad’s mission to his own people.



I swear by this land
(And thou art a freeman of this land)
And a begetter and what he begot!
We have created man into adversity.

And when they say:
O God: if this be the truth from thee:
Rain thou down upon us stones from the sky or bring thou us a painful punishment.
But God will not punish them when thou art among them.
And God will not punish them when they will seek forgiveness.
But how can they not be punished by God when they turn away from the inviolable place of worship and are not its allies
(Its allies are only those of prudent fear but most of them know not)
When their duty at the house is only whistling and clapping?
So taste the punishment for what you denied!

And how many a city stronger than thy city which has turned thee out have we destroyed!
And they have no helper.

The pertinent factors, in summary, are these:

1. Muḥammad was a freeman (citizen) of a particular place (90:1-4)
2. Muḥammad was rejected and mocked by those to whom he was sent, and that people is promised destruction (8:32-35)
3. The fact that God’s hand is stayed due only to the messenger’s presence among his people is combined with reference to the repeated practices of the previous messengers of warning (17:74-77)
4. Confirmation that Muḥammad was, in fact, driven out combined with reference made to God’s destruction of previous, stronger cities than that which had driven him out, and a bald statement that the present community is helpless in the face of that reality (47:13)

The people closest to Ibrāhīm are those who follow him
As do this prophet and those who heed warning.
And God is the ally of the believers.

And thy lord destroyed not the cities until he had raised up in their principle city a messenger reciting to them our proofs.
And we destroyed not the cities save when the people thereof were wrongdoers.

And a prohibition is upon a city we have destroyed.
They will not return.

O you who heed warning: what ails you that when is said to you: Go forth in the cause of God
You cling to the earth?
Are you content with the life of this world over the hereafter?
But the enjoyment of the life of this world in the hereafter is only small.
Save you go forth he will punish you with a painful punishment.
And he will replace you with a people other than you
(And you cannot harm him at all
And God is powerful over all things.)
Save you help him.
And God helped him
When those who are indifferent to warning turned him out, the second of two
When they were in the cave
When he said to his companion: Grieve thou not – God is with us.
Then God sent down his tranquillity upon him
And strengthened him with forces you did not see
And made the word of those who are indifferent to warning the lowest.
And the word of God, it is the uppermost.
And God is mighty, wise.
Go forth
Light or heavy
And strive with your wealth and your lives in the cause of God.
That is best for you if you would know.


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The God Protocol: Chapter 11: Muhammad’s Mission To His Own People (Part 1)

Part 1 of Chapter 11 of the first draft of my book The God Protocol. In this chapter we look at Muhammad’s mission to his own people.


And we sent thee only as a bearer of glad tidings and as a warner.

Blessed be he who sent down the Division upon his servant
That he be a warner to all mankind.

Say thou: I have no power to do myself benefit or harm save that God should will.
And had I knowledge of the unseen I would have abundance of wealth
And evil would not have touched me.
I am only a warner and bearer of glad tidings for people who believe.

alif lām rā
A decree the proofs whereof are fortified then set out and detailed
From one wise, aware
That you serve not save God
(I am to you from him a warner and a bearer of glad tidings)
And that you seek forgiveness of your lord:
Then turn to him.
He causes you to enjoy a fair provision to a named term
And he gives every bountiful one his bounty.
(But if you turn away:
I fear for you the punishment of a great day.)

Thou art only a warner.
We sent thee with the truth
As a bearer of glad tidings
And as a warner.
And there is no community save a warner came and went among it.
And if they reject thee:
Those before them rejected.
Their messengers came to them with clear signs and with the written records and the illuminating law.

Mankind was one community
Then God raised up prophets as bearers of glad tidings and warners
And sent down with them the law aright that it might judge between men concerning that wherein they differed.
And there differed therein only those who were given it after clear signs had come to them
Through sectarian zealotry between them.
But God guided those who heeded warning to that of the truth wherein they differed by his leave.
And God guides whom he wills to a straight path.
If you think that you will enter the garden when there has not come to you the like of those who came and went before you:
Affliction and adversity touched them
And they were shaken until the messenger and those who heeded warning with him said: When is the help of God?
In truth: the help of God is near.

And thus we made you an intermediary community:
That you be witnesses to mankind
And that the messenger be a witness to you.

And it is not for the believers to go forth all at once.
And were it not that from every party among them there should go forth a number to gain knowledge in the doctrine
And to warn their people when they return to them
That haply they might beware[…]

And we destroyed no city save it had warners
As a reminder.
And we were not wrongdoers.
And the shayṭāns did not bring it down.
And it does not behove them
And they are not able.
They are excluded from the hearing.
And call thou not with God to another god lest thou be of those punished.
And warn thou thy close relatives.
And lower thou thy wing to those who follow thee among the believers.
And if they oppose thee say thou: I am innocent of what you do.
And place thou thy trust in the Mighty, the Merciful
He who sees thee when thou risest
And thy going to and fro among those who submit.
He is the Hearing, the Knowing.
Shall I inform you upon whom the shayṭāns descend?
They descend upon every false deceiver.
They give ear
But most of them are liars.


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