Qur’an’s Flat Earth And Firmament Agree With Hebrew Bible Model

In this presentation I am going to make two central arguments: firstly, that the Qur’an’s presentation of the Creation is unambiguously that of a geo-centric, flat-earth environment and, secondly, that this view confirms that held in the Hebrew scriptures.

Look up: Eric Dubay 200 Proofs The Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball on YouTube


Who made the earth for you a carpet
And the sky a structure
And sent down from the sky water
Then brought forth thereby some fruits as provision for you.
So make not equals to God.And you know. (2:22)

And the earth we spread out
And cast therein firm mountains
And caused to grow therein every sort of balanced thing. (15:19)

Who made the earth for you as a bed
And inserted roads for you therein
And sent down water from the sky[…] (20:53)

Who made the earth a bed for you
And placed roads for you therein that you might be rightly guided (43:10)
And the earth we spread out
And cast therein firm mountains
And we caused to grow therein every sort of delightful kind (50:7)

And the earth we spread out:
How excellent are those who level! (51:48)

And God made for you the earth an expanse
That you might travel the broad ways thereof. (71:19-20)

And after that he spread out the earth (79:30)

If: he who made the earth a fixed lodging
And made rivers in its midst
And made firm mountains therein
And made a barrier between the two seas:
Is there any god with God?
The truth is: most of them know not. (27:61)

God it is who made for you the earth a fixed lodging
And the sky a structure
And fashioned you
And made good your forms
And made provision of good things for you.
That is God
Your lord.
So blessed be God
The Lord of All Mankind.
He is the Living.
There is no god save he.
So call to him sincere to him in doctrine.
Praise belongs to God […] (40:64-66)

And we instructed him:
Make thou the ship under our eyes and our instruction.
Then when our command comes
And the oven boils up
Then load thou therein of each kind two
And thy household save him against whom the word has gone forth among them.
And speak thou not to me on behalf of those who do wrong. (23:27)

The people of Nūḥ rejected before them:
They rejected our servant and said: One possessed.
And he was driven away.
And he called to his lord: I am defeated so help thou.
Then opened we the gates of the sky with pouring water
And caused the earth to gush forth in springs.
And the waters met for a determined purpose.
And we carried him upon that of boards and nails
That sailed before our eyes as a reward for him who was rejected.
And we have left it as a proof
So is there any who will remember? (54:9-15)

The Day of Decision is an appointed time:
The day the trumpet is blown and you come in crowds
And the sky is opened and becomes gates (78:17-19)

And the earth we spread out
And cast therein firm mountains
And caused to grow therein every sort of balanced thing. (15:19)

And he cast into the earth firm mountains lest it sway with you[…] (16:15)

And we made in the earth firm mountains lest it sway with them
And we placed therein mountain passes as ways that they might be rightly guided.
And we made the sky a roof protected
And they are disinclined towards its proofs (21:31-32)

He created the heavens without pillars you can see.
And he cast into the earth firm mountains lest it sway with you.
And he spread therein every sort of creature.
And we sent down water from the sky
And caused to grow therein every sort of noble kind. (31:10)

Are you harder in creation
Or the sky?
He built it.
He raised the ceiling thereof
And fashioned it.
And he made dark its night
And brought forth its day. (79:27-29)


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Why I Don’t Answer Lots Of Questions

Here I outline why I don’t respond to a lot of questions which people ask me which they possibly would address to a mullah or similar.

Here’s the link to my older video: I am not a mullah – and nor do I want to be one:

Why I avoid particular questions:


• are wigs haram?
• can you wash your hands with nail polish?
• can you get married over Skype?
• can you use plastic surgery
• and many more

I’m going to give you my thoughts:

• there are historical reasons why Muslims do this – I am from another culture
o prayer in Christianity isn’t a biggy
• I see my job differently:
o to do my analysis on the Qur’an
o to try to get that analysis to a group of engaged and bright people while filtering out the dross as much as possible (quality)
o to explain the concept of the God protocol
o to present an example of warning the elite
o to help people to start thinking for themselves
o to lead by example
• However, I am not saying that it is always bad for groups to form:
o Benedictine monks
o Franciscan monks
o Amish, etc.
• I do think it is fine for people to submit to what I might call an Order
• But the problem Islamically is that often this ends up in factionalism
• I personally see it as a workshop
• And even historically, in mainstream Islamic traditions it wasn’t a problem
• Today, everything has become over polarized. So I stick to what are my core concerns
• Also:
o Personally, I think the online “mullah” role is wrong (at least for me)
o You can be quoted out of context
o You don’t know the person
• This is what I might call the pastoral role. A sharing of personal advice. There is nothing wrong with it but I don’t think the Internet is the forum.

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Gratitude: Wisdom From The Qur’an

Some of my personal thoughts on gratitude in the Qur’an.

And he gives you of all that you ask of him.
And if you should count the grace of God you could not calculate it.
Man is a wrongdoer, an ingrate.

And if you count the grace of God, you will not calculate it.
God is forgiving, merciful.(16:18)

And he smiled
Laughing at her speech
And he said:
My lord: direct thou me to be grateful for thy grace
Wherewith thou hast favoured me and my parents
And to work righteousness pleasing to thee
And make thou me enter by thy mercy among thy righteous servants.

And we gave Luqmān wisdom:
Be thou grateful to God.
And whoso is grateful:
He is but grateful for his soul.
And whoso denies:
God is free from need, praiseworthy.

And we enjoined upon man good conduct towards his parents.
His mother bore him with aversion
And brought him forth with aversion.
And the bearing of him and the weaning of him is thirty moons.
When he has reached maturity and reached forty years
He says: My lord: direct thou me to be grateful for the grace wherewith thou hast favoured me
And my parents
And to work righteousness pleasing to thee
And do thou right by me concerning my progeny
I turn to thee repentant
And I am of those submitted.
These are they from whom we accept the best of what they did and overlook their evil
Among the companions of the garden
The promise of truth which they were promised.

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The Cult Of Mothers And Women In Brand Islam And Under The NWO

I know I said I’d try to make this one under ten minutes…

PLEASE NOTE: At 12.56 I say that Angela Merkel has not been married. This is not correct. She has been married twice but is now without a husband.

Communism also sought to radically change the role of women and to make them independent of men and married principally to the State – something which Liberalism (which is really just Marxism 2.0) is doing today.

The Qur’an for its part assumes male leadership. I have mentioned this before: the Qur’an is addressed to men as the leaders of families, tribes and the family. All the messengers and prophets and warners mentioned in the Qur’an are men. That is a fact. The number of instances where women are addressed directly can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

None of this is to say that I am “against” women. I am not against women. But if the price of giving women powers that society be destroyed, then I am in favour of curbs upon that tendency. And if we are talking about curbs, then the question is only of where one enforces them.

The Qur’an is very clear: the man is not like the female. Men are designed to provide, to protect and to lead. Where they abdicate that responsibility society never does well. Women are designed to support, to create and to nurture life. And where they abdicate that responsibility – again – society does not do well (as we see today).

Certainly, men and women are of equal value as believers, as those who strive in the way of God. Their works, their efforts are of equal value. There are many verses which attest to this: (3:195, 4:124, 16:97, 33:35, 40:40).

But “equal” does not mean the same. And it is this simple deceit which liberalism wishes to practice upon the inattentive and untrained mind.

The Qur’an is clear that men and women are different:

We read at 3:36:

And the male is not like the female

The assigning of female characteristics to heavenly entities is a sign of unbelief.

Has your lord then distinguished you by sons and taken from among the angels females?
You speak a tremendous word.

And they make the angels – those who are the servants of the Almighty – females:
Did they witness their creation?
Their witness will be recorded
And they will be questioned.43:19

They who believe not in the hereafter name the angels with the names of females
But how could they have knowledge thereof?
They follow only assumption
And assumption suffices not anything against the truth.53:27-28

See also 37:150-155
In summary, I think that what our brother is speaking about in his message is the cultural overhang of what was created by “Islamic” culture as an attempt to usurp natural male drive and leadership and make it second-guess itself. It was a crude strain of crowd control implemented via the delivery system of religion – which itself was the pre-TV, pre-Internet delivery system for control.

Now we are living in the updated mode of mind control, we will see these outmoded forms of mind control cede way to the types of control we have in the West: Feminism and the promotion of the idea of the naturally virtuous nature of the female.

The end is always the same, however: to usurp the natural order, the order which God created – in this case, for men to embrace their capacity and facility for leadership and spiritual aspiration – and to achieve this by means of deceitful slogans and sentiments which, when taken in isolation, sound reasonable and compassionate.

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