The God Protocol: Chapter 4: Hud And The People of ‘Ad

Here I read Chapter Four of my book The God Protocol.

Here is the playlist which will contain all readings moving forward:


1. today is 18th of September, not 11th as I say in the opening.
2. the closing verse should read:

And as for ʿĀd:
They were destroyed by a violent wind
Which he made serviceable against them seven nights and *eight* days without let.
And thou couldst see the people therein fallen like the roots of collapsed date-palms.
Then seest thou any remnant of them?


And to ʿĀd, their brother Hūd:
He said: O my people: serve God.
You have no god but he.
Will you then not be in prudent fear!
Said the eminent ones who were indifferent to warning among his people:
We see thee in foolishness
And we consider thee a liar.
He said: O my people: there is no foolishness in me
But I am a messenger from the Lord of All Mankind.
I convey to you the messages of my lord
And I am a sincere counsellor to you, one trustworthy.
Do you wonder that there has come to you remembrance from your lord through a man among you
That he should warn you?
And remember when he made you successors after the people of Nūḥ
And increased you in extent of creation.
Then remember the favours of God
That you might be successful.
They said: Hast thou come to us that we should serve God
Him alone
And leave what our fathers served?
Then bring thou upon us what thou promisest us if thou be of those who speak the truth.
He said: There have come upon you from your lord abomination and wrath.
Do you dispute with me concerning names which you have named, you and your fathers?
God sent not down for these any warrant.
Then wait.
I am with you waiting.
And we delivered him and those with him by mercy from us
And we cut off the root of those who repudiated our proofs
And they were not believers.

And to ʿĀd, their brother Hūd:
He said: O my people: serve God.
You have no god but he.
You are only inventing.
O my people: I ask of you no reward for it.
My reward is only upon him who made me.
Will you then not use reason!
And: O my people: seek forgiveness of your lord
Then turn to him.
He will send the sky upon you in torrents
And add to you strength to your strength.
And turn not away as evildoers.
They said: O Hūd: thou hast not brought us clear evidence
And we are not going to leave our gods upon thy saying
And we do not believe thee.
We say only that some of our gods have afflicted thee with evil.
He said: I call God to witness.
And bear witness that I am innocent of that to which you ascribe a partnership
Besides him.
So scheme against me all together
Then grant me no respite.
I have placed my trust in God
My lord and your lord.
There is no creature save he has it by its forelock.
My lord is on a straight path.
Then if you turn away:
I have conveyed to you that wherewith I was sent to you.
And my lord will make succeed you a people other than you.
And you cannot harm him at all.
My lord is custodian over all things.
And when our command came we delivered Hūd and those who heeded warning with him
By mercy from us.
And we saved them from a stern punishment.
And those were ʿĀd.
They denied the proofs of their lord
And opposed his messengers
And followed the command of every obstinate tyrant.
And they were followed by a curse in this world
And on the Day of Resurrection[…]
In truth: ʿĀd denied their lord.
Was it not: Away with ʿĀd the people of Hūd?

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The God Protocol: Chapter 3

Here I read Chapter Three of my book The God Protocol.

Here is the playlist which will contain all readings moving forward:

We sent Nūḥ to his people:
Warn thou thy people before a painful punishment come to them.
He said: O my people: I am a clear warner to you:
Serve God and be in prudent fear of him
And obey me.
He will forgive you some of your transgressions
And delay you to a named term.
The term of God when it comes cannot be delayed
If you but knew.
He said: My lord: I invited my people night and day
But my calling increased them not save in flight.
And whenever I called them that thou shouldst forgive them
They put their fingers in their ears
And covered themselves with their garments
And persisted and were proudly insolent.
Then called I to them openly.
Then I proclaimed to them.
And I spoke secretly to them.
And I said: Seek forgiveness of your lord
He is forgiving
He will send the sky upon you in torrents
And will supply you with wealth and sons
And make for you gardens
And make for you rivers.
What ails you that you look not for majesty in God
When he has created you in stages?
Have you not considered how God created seven heavens in layers
And made the moon a light therein
And made the sun a torch?
And God has caused you to grow as a growth from the earth.
Then he will return you to it
And he will bring you forth anew.
And God made for you the earth an expanse
That you might travel the broad ways thereof.
Nūḥ said: My lord: they have opposed me and followed one whose wealth and children have increased him not save in loss.
And they schemed a mighty scheme
(And they said: You are not to leave your gods.
You are not to leave Wadd
Or Suwāʿ
Or Yaghūth
And Yaʿūq
And Nasr.)
And have led many astray.
And increase thou not the wrongdoers save in error.
Because of their errors they were drowned
And made to enter a fire
And found for them no helpers besides God.
And Nūḥ said: My lord: leave thou not upon the earth an inhabitant among those who spurn guidance while claiming virtue.
If thou leave them they will lead thy servants astray and beget not save as licentious ingrates.
My lord: forgive thou me and my parents
And him who enters my household a believer
And the believing men
And the believing women.
And increase thou not the wrongdoers save in ruin.

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