The Companions Of The Fire & The Number 19 In The Qur’an

An analysis of the formula “companions of the fire” in the Qur’an with regard to the number 19 and surah 74.

We said: Get you down from it all together:
If there comes to you guidance from me
Then whoso follows my guidance:
They need not fear
Nor will they regret.
But those who are indifferent to warning and repudiate our proofs
These are the companions of the fire
Wherein they abide eternally. (2:38-39)

So woe to those who write the law with their hands then say: This is from God
That they might sell it for a cheap price.
So woe to them for what their hands write
And woe to them for what they earn.
And they say: The fire will not touch us save days numbered.
Say thou: Have you taken a pledge with God
(For God does not fail in his pledge)
Or do you ascribe to God what you know not?
Verily, whoso earns evil
And his errors encompass him:
Those are the companions of the fire
Wherein they abide eternally.
And those who heed warning and do deeds of righteousness
They are the companions of the garden
Wherein they abide eternally. (2:79-82)

And they will not cease fighting you until they turn you from your doctrine
If they are able.
And whoso among you turns from his doctrine
And dies as one who spurns guidance while claiming virtue:
These: their works are vain in this world and in the hereafter.
And these are the companions of the fire
Wherein they abide eternally. (2:217)

No compulsion is there in doctrine.
Sound judgment is clear from error.
And whoso denies idols and believes in God:
He has grasped a firm handhold which has no break.
And God is hearing, knowing.
God is the ally of those who heed warning
He brings them out of darkness into the light.
And those who are indifferent to warning, their allies are idols
They bring them out of the light into darkness.
These are the companions of the fire
Wherein they abide eternally. (2:256-257)

Those who consume usury will not stand save as stands one whom the shayṭān has touched
Because they say: Commerce is but the same as usury
When God has made commerce lawful and prohibited usury.
And he to whom came the exhortation from his lord and desisted:
He has what is past and his case is with God.
But whoso goes back:
These are the companions of the fire
Wherein they abide eternally.
God eliminates usury and increases charity.
And God loves not every false ingrate. (2:275-276)

Those who are indifferent to warning, their wealth and their children will avail them nothing against God.
And these are the companions of the fire
Wherein they abide eternally. (3:116)

I wish thee to bear my falsehood and thy falsehood and to become of the companions of the fire.
And that is the reward of the wrongdoers.
And his soul allowed him the killing of his brother
And he killed him
And became of the losers. (5:29-30)

But they who repudiate our proofs and are proud towards them
These are the companions of the fire
Wherein they abide eternally. (7:36)

And the companions of the garden call to the companions of the fire:
We have found what our lord promised us true:
Have you found what your lord promised you true?
They say: Yea.
Then cries a crier between them: The curse of God is upon the wrongdoers
Those who forsake the path of God and would make it crooked
And are deniers of the hereafter! (7:44-45)

And when their eyes are turned towards the companions of the fire they will say:
Our lord: place thou not us with the wrongdoing people. (7:47)

Plus: 7:50-51, 10:27, 13:5, 39:8, 40:5-640:41-43, 58:14-17, 59:20, 64:9-10.

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How To Live In This Crazy World

Being a believer in an unbelieving world – one which seems bent on getting to Hell as quickly as possible – is not easy. Especially if you have children.

• how to live in this crazy world turning into an open tyranny
• no definitive answers; our experience
• wife Russian; me and child British and Russian
o Russia
o Spain
o UK
o Georgia
• Nowhere good. Had hopes of community, but I don’t think that is possible now. I encourage people to find likeminded friends in their local areas
• Bureaucracy closing in everywhere
• A single agenda
o A mass cull
o The perfect slave class
• Meanwhile
o promotion of homosexualisation
o liberalism / decadence / decay in the west
o cost of living is frighteningly high
♣ fake everything
♣ anything good or real costs twice or three times what you think it does
♣ everything designed to break
• What to do? Family, children
• Easy to become disheartened
• For us, our project is about warning the elite; the implication is that this could be the end.
• My thoughts:
o Firstly, only God knows when the end will come
o We should invest in ourselves and our children because it is the right thing to do
o Don’t be like the JWs: no education, no opportunities, can’t do anything but “witness”
o I don’t force the Qur’an down my child’s throat. Can’t understand much of it anyway. It’s the life lived not the words preached. She sees how we live: reading, praying, working for God is woven into the waft and web of our lives.
o Daddy, you’re a good man. All the confirmation I needed.
o put a lot into her education
♣ English reading
♣ languages
♣ classes
♣ perhaps opt out of school (don’t see the point of it
o You have to live where you can survive in terms of languages / documents
o Find a way of supporting yourselves which is not location dependent
o Live for God. Most important. Don’t wait until you retire to start living
o Did not take a mortgage
o We now live in Russia. Right for us. Russia changed
o However: Putin not “good”
o Built a “holocaust” museum at Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow; doubting the “holocaust” imprisonable offence; the ruble is joined at the hip to the dollar; the Russian legal system was given to it by US AID. I have no illusions.

Then when Mūsā had completed the term and was travelling with his family he perceived from the side of the mount a fire.
He said to his family: Wait here – I perceive a fire.
Perhaps I can bring you intelligence or a firebrand from the fire
That you might warm yourselves.
Then when he came to it he was called from the right side of the valley, on hallowed ground, from the tree:
O Mūsā: I am God, the Lord of All Mankind. (28:29-30)

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Lot’s Wife, House-Worship, And Death Of The Baby Boomers

Thoughts on a common modern idol – the house.

Save the house of Lūṭ.
Them will we deliver all together
Save his wife whom we have decreed that she be of those who stay behind. (15:59-60)

And we delivered him and his household save his wife.
We decreed her to be of those who stay behind. (27:57)

29:32, 29:33

And present thou to them an example:
Two men.
We made for one of them two gardens of grapes
And surrounded both with date-palms
And placed between them a crop.
Both gardens produced their fruit and were wronged nothing thereof.
And we caused to flow in the midst of them a river.
And one had fruit
And said to his companion when he talked with him:
I am greater than thee in wealth
And am mightier in men.
And he entered his garden while he was wronging his soul
Saying: I think not that this will ever perish
And I think not that the Hour will take place
And if I am brought back to my lord I will find better than this as a place of return.
His companion said while conversing with him:
Deniest thou him who created thee from dust
Then from a drop of fluid Then fashioned thee a man? But as for me: he is God, my lord
And I ascribe not a partnership with my lord to anyone.
And oh that when thou wast entering thy garden thou hadst but said: That which God has willed
There is no strength save in God!
If thou see me less than thee in wealth and children:
It may be that my lord will give me better than thy garden
And will send upon thine a calamity from the sky
So that it becomes miry ground
Or its water becomes sunken
So that thou canst not find it.
And encompassed were his fruits.
And he began to wring his hands for all that he had spent therein
But it was desolate.
And he said: Would that I had not ascribed a partnership with my lord to anyone!
And he had no band to help him besides God
And he could not help himself.
Thereupon protection belongs to God, the Truth!
He is best in reward and best in final outcome.

But the shayṭān caused them to fall therefrom
So he expelled them from what they were in.
And we said: Get you down
An enemy to one another.
And for you on the earth are place and goods for a time.

Qārūn was of the people of Mūsā but he oppressed them.
And we had given him such treasures that the keys thereof would have weighed down a group endowed with power.
When his people said to him: Exult thou not God loves not the exultantBut seek thou in what God has given thee the abode of the hereafter
And forget thou not thy portion in this world
And do thou good like as God has done good to thee
And seek thou not corruption in the earth
God loves not the workers of corruption
He said: I have but been given it according to knowledge I have
(Knew he not that God had destroyed before him generations stronger than him in power
And greater in accumulation?)
And the evildoers will not be asked about their transgressions!
So went he forth before his people in his finery.
Those who sought the life of this world said: Would that we had the like of what has been given to Qārūn!
He is one of tremendous fortune!
But those who had been given knowledge said:
Woe to you! The reward of God for him who believes and works righteousness is better.
And none is granted it save the patient.
Then we caused the earth to swallow him and his abode
And there was not for him any band to help him besides God
And he was not of those who save themselves.
And morning found those who had coveted his place but the day before saying:
Oh how God expands and straitens the provision for whom he wills of his servants!
Had God not been gracious to us he would have caused it to swallow us.
And oh how those who spurn guidance while claiming virtue are not successful! (28:76-82)

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Warners In The Qur’an Are Not Exclusively Prophets Or Messengers

Warners in the Qur’an do not have to be prophets or messengers.

Have they not travelled in the land and seen how was the final outcome of those who were before them?
They were stronger than them in power and impact upon the earth.
Then God seized them for their transgressions.
And they had no defender from God
Because their messengers brought them clear evidence.
And they denied
So God seized them.
He is strong, severe in retribution.
And we sent Mūsā with our proofs and a clear warrant
To Firʿawn and Hāmān and Qārūn:
They said: A sorcerer, a teller of lies.
And when he brought them the truth from our presence they said:
Kill the sons of those who heed warning with him and spare their women.
And the plan of those who spurn guidance while claiming virtue is only in error.
And Firʿawn said: Let me kill Mūsā
And let him call to his lord.
I fear that he will change your doctrine
Or cause corruption in the land.
And Mūsā said: I seek refuge in my lord and your lord
From every proud one who believes not in the Day of Reckoning.
And there said a believing man of the house of Firʿawn who concealed his faith:
Would you kill a man because he says: My lord is God
And has brought you clear evidence from your lord?
If he be lying:
Upon him be his lie.
And if he be truthful some of that which he promises you will befall you.
God guides not him who is a committer of excess, a teller of lies.
O my people: yours is the dominion this day, you being manifest in the land
But who will save us from the wrath of God if it comes to us?
Firʿawn said: I only show you what I think.
And I only guide you to the path of reason.
And he who heeded warning said: O my people: I fear for you the example of the day of the parties
Like the case of the people of Nūḥ
And ʿĀd
And Thamūd
And those after them.
And God intends no injustice for the servants!
And O my people: I fear for you the Day of Summoning.
The day you will turn and go having not against God any defender.
And whom God sends astray:
For him there is no guide.
And Yūsuf brought you clear evidence before
But you ceased not to be in doubt concerning what he brought.
When he had perished you said: God will not raise up any messenger after him.
Thus does God lead astray him who is a committer of excess, a baseless sceptic.
Those who dispute concerning the proofs of God without any warrant having come to them
A great abomination is it in the sight of God and in the sight of those who heed warning.
Thus does God seal every proud, tyrannical heart.
And Firʿawn said: O Hāmān: build thou for me a tower that I might reach the causes
The causes of the heavensThen look upon the God of Mūsā.And I think him a liar.
And thus was the evil of his deed made fair to Firʿawn.
And he was diverted from the way.
And the plan of Firʿawn was only in ruin.
And he who heeded warning said: O my people: follow me. I will guide you to the path of reason.
O my people: the life of this world is but an enjoyment
And: The hereafter – that is the enduring abode.
(Whoso does evilIs not rewarded with save the like thereof.
And whoso works righteousness – whether male or female – and is a believer:
These enter the garden wherein they are given provision without reckoning.)
And: O my people: how is it that I invite you to deliverance and you invite me to the fire?
You call me to deny God and to ascribe a partnership to him with that whereof I have no knowledge
And I invite you to the Mighty, the Forgiver.
Beyond doubt you but invite me to that to which there is no calling in this world or in the hereafter.
And: Our return is to God.
And: The committers of excess will be the companions of the fire.
Then will you remember what I say to you. And: I commit my affair to God. God sees the servants.
And God protected him from the evil which they schemed
And an evil punishment encompassed the house of Firʿawn. (40:21-45)

Also: 3:185, 2:143

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Fundamentalist Christians Who Use The Qur’an And How To Deal With Them

How to deal with those Christians who use the Qur’an to argue for their own erroneous positions.

There are honest Christians, but they tend not to be out trying to convert others.

The ones we are talking about pull the same type of trick as the traditionalist. The traditionalist claims a value of x for the word salat based on external sources. He then points to salat in the Qur’an and attacks you if you are not onboard with his extraneously derived assumptions on the meaning of salat; or he demands to know how you can understand salat just as he does without importing his external sources the way he does.

This is deception – especially in the context of a book which claims to be complete.

The present-day “gospels” disagree among themselves on many important issues, so which of them exactly does the Christian claim the Qur’an references by the word “injeel” (just compare very carefully the four accounts of the death and resurrection of Christ in the various gospels for an example)?

What is meant in the Qur’an by injeel is made clear by the Qur’an: it is something given to ‘Isa ibn Maryam which confirms the Torah (whatever we mean precisely by that) and has several other characteristics. (For more on that download my work free from and find any instance of the word injeel and then look up the related note / article.) No Christian can point to anything meaningful in the Torah which indicates the typical variants of a “gospel” preached by Christians.

The Qur’an (which this type of Christian is referencing as an authority when it suits him) has several clear action points for the Christians. These include:

– a clear directive not to claim a trinity
– a clear directive not to claim ‘Isa or Maryam as God
– a clear statement that ‘Isa was NOT killed by the Jews
– the exhortation not to exaggerate.

In addition, the Qur’an says that it both confirms AND acts as a control over previous revelations. Christians gloss over this second aspect. In addition, they go on to attack the Qur’an for supposedly plagiarising other writings when the Qur’an itself states that part of its purpose is to confirm AND to correct what men then had from God.

If the Christian continues to bang the same drum while arguing that the Qur’an supports his idea of what “injeel” means he is either being dishonest and / or has been misled by his teachers and reached the small limit of what he thinks he knows. Which is why he has no alternative but to go round in circles.

You see, the vast majority of these types of Christian have never read the Qur’an. They watch videos prepared for them by people who themselves have often never read either it. In these videos they learn little tricks by which to wrong-foot those who accept the Qur’an while seeming to have considered the Qur’an’s position. But they are ignorant of the Qur’an – and often of their own scriptures also outside of a knee-jerk appeal to verses taken out of context when it is necessary to “answer” certain questions. They may not be bad people, but they are typically superficial and collectivistic and herd-like in nature.

The Qur’an tells us that whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does good works has his reward – and that includes the Christian (caveats above notwithstanding).

It tells us that God will make clear the differences among men on the Last Day.

It tells us (those who accept the Qur’an) to be patient in the meantime.

But it also cautions the messenger (and by implication us also) away from following their vain desires after the knowledge which has come to us.

A good way to close down the conversation with mutual respect intact when you hit the wall with them is to say “To you be your works, to me mine” and then offer them your hand.

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