Fear Of Poverty Keeps Us On The Hamster Wheel

Fear of poverty: this part of the tyranny is so all-pervasive – and we are so used to it – that we don’t even see it.

* Money is fiat.
* You are working for shares in a company which can be inflated at will
* Your shares are not only non-preferential, they have no yield attached to them
* Not only do they have no yield attached to them, they are haemorrhaging value daily
* Those who control the money spigot also control media, education, entertainment, i.e. the entire cultural narrative
* Taxation
* Taxed to death: approximately 60-70% on earnings: income tax, local taxes, VAT, insurances, licences
* When you die, the tax whatever is left
* Taxation not in the Qur’an
* Legal system
* Designed to protect the rich against you
* Poor quality
* Inflated prices for inferior quality
* Breaks within a short time
* You don’t buy; you take on short lease with no return
* No store of value for you
* Income tax and death duties (CFR)
* If you want a peek at the future (for those who survive) look at Palestine:
* roadblocks / checkpoints
* gun in your face
* wholesale killing
* less than human under law
* It is a fact that a section of the Jews are behind this process of economic tyranny. If you’ve spent more than 10 minutes on YouTube, your already know this. The Qur’an tells us that some among the Jews are righteous (they believe in God and the last day and do good works). I’m not talking about those Jews here. I’m talking about the other Jews. Part of the problem is that that:
* They have you believing their claims to “chosenness” on the basis of race
* They have you believing that they will get away with their crimes
* The Qur’an is clear:
And they say: The fire will not touch us save days numbered.
Say thou: Have you taken a pledge with God
(For God does not fail in his pledge)
Or do you ascribe to God what you know not?
Verily, whoso earns evil
And his errors encompass him:
Those are the companions of the fire
Wherein they abide eternally.
And those who heed warning and do deeds of righteousness
They are the companions of the garden
Wherein they abide eternally. (2:80-81)
* The Jews are not my focus. Good Jews have their reward – and rightly so. Evil Jews have their punishment – and rightly so. There are no favourites with God, despite Jewish claims. Each of us must answer for himself, be he a Jew or not.

O you who heed warning: spend of the good things you earn and of what we bring forth for you from the earth.
And resort not to the bad thereof – to spend thereof – when you would not take it for yourselves save that you should disdain it.
And know that God is free from need, praiseworthy.
The shayṭān promises you poverty and enjoins upon you sexual immorality.
But God promises you forgiveness and bounty from him.
And God encompasses, knows.
He gives wisdom to whom he wills.
And to whom wisdom is given:He has been given much good.
But only those possessed of insight take heed. (2:267-269)

And I will lead them astray.
And I will arouse desires in them.
And I will command them and they will cut the ears of cattle.
And I will command them and they will change the creation of God.
And whoso takes the shayṭān for ally instead of God:
He has suffered clear loss.
He promises them
And arouses desires in them
And the shayṭān promises them only deception.
These: their habitation is Hell
And they will find no refuge therefrom.
But those who heed warning and do deeds of righteousness
We will make them enter gardens beneath which rivers flow
They abiding eternally therein forever.
The promise of God is true.
And who is more truthful than God in speech? (4:119-122)

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UbFVr6rDiM

There Is Only One Agenda – Freedom Is An Illusion

There is only one agenda. It doesn’t matter who you vote for.

Not talking about conspiracy theories, but what I have seen. Anecdotal.

No matter where you live: one agenda.

Begin as a reasonably traditional society – or at least one with a semblance of morality whether secular or religious.

Comes a point: the TURN. After the turn, new TENDENCY:

* Sexual “liberation” (licence)
* Destruction of family and all family relation: parents, grandparents, children
* Grandparents become crap: parachuting / skydiving
* Feminisation of women
* Weakening of men
* Hedonism / materialism become characteristics of lower classes as well as upper classes
* Selfishness and narcissism as virtue
* Epicureanism (fab thing to eat and drink)
* Fashion: the purchase of clothes as habit-forming rather than functional pursuit
* Weakening of logic, of reason, of ability to think
* Infantilisation

The TURN happens at different times. What I saw:

* UK 1960s
* Spain 1970s
* Russia 1990s
* Mongolia 1990s/2000s


* There is ONE trajectory
* Any country with a central bank is on that trajectory
* Why vote? Democracy is a sham. See Tragedy and Hope and Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley
* Worth looking up G Edward Griffin The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljkatr5Sp0k

Bitcoin And Blockchain – The Nascent Technology Of Tyranny 2.0

My take on the future of Bitcoin (or, rather, blockchain technologies) in the creation of a full-spectrum tyranny.

My view is that this technology is going to pervade everything. Blockchain is going to be the new paper.

So although Bitcoin just transfers financial transactions right now, when I talk about the levels of granularity above (breath, thoughts) just remember what we have already been through.

And remember, transactions do not have to be financial. Speech is a form of transaction. Something is passing from one entity to another. A chemical reaction is a transaction: one set of atomic characteristics changing from one state to another.

Downstream: combine this with nano technologies and you get into a realm where transactions can not only be recorded by a blockchain protocol (i.e. descriptive: what has happened) but allowed or not allowed by it (i.e. prescriptive: what may happen).

If that becomes the case – and much of the underlying technologies are either in place or nascent – then:

* entire human and other domains / sections may be activated, deactivated, stimulated or suppressed:
* procreation
* access to the frontal lobe
* memory
* energy levels
* aggression
* mood
* hormones
* use of particular words or concepts by the mind

Like all tyrannies, it must have a foundational mythos. In the case of cryptocurrencies, there is Satoshi Nakamoto. The story is just geeky and freaky enough to have people believing it. There is a Morpheus-like savant out there who created this technology which is going to set the world free, and now all the Java programmers who got beaten up at school but want to do something significant with their lives can now play at being Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

Come on. Wake up.

This is genius. This is not topdown tyranny (at least, not obviously so) it is crowdsourced tyranny.

The Satanic system wants to usurp God and to simulate God:

There is no god save he
The Living, the Eternal.
Neither slumber nor sleep overtake him.
Unto him belongs what is in the heavens and what is in the earth.
Who can intercede with him save by his leave?
He knows what is at their time and what following them.
And they encompass nothing of his knowledge save what he wills.
His throne overspreads the heavens and the earth
And the sustaining thereof wearies him not.
And he is the Exalted, the Tremendous. (2:255)

So what is this simulating? It is simulating God’s optical fibre 10 gazillion megabit per nano second quark level block chain of all transactions.

And everything they did is in the written records.
And everything small and great is written down. (54:52-53)

What is happening is the creation of a fully decentralised open source peer-to-peer point-of-sale tyranny where your only problem will be not how to escape from the prison but how to ensure you remain an inmate.

This is not anarcho-capitalists overthrowing the banks. This is tyranny as crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. This is Internet IP-address tracking on steroids. Facebook plus NSA squared and then cubed.

It is Skynet meets the IRS.

It is a tyranny in which rebellion will be not only impossible; it will be unthinkable. The foundations of that tyranny are built. What we are witnessing now is the development of the edifice.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUKDvBXsKd8

The New Tyranny – NO Defence Against ‘Feelings’

There is no legal defence against feelings. But that is where Tyranny 2.0 is going: (for now) men – and later everyone else – has to get used to the idea that if someone expresses a particular “feeling” about them, their life will be over: reputation, finances, earning ability – all gone.

Interview with Aaron Russo about Nick Rockefeller and Feminism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCpjmvaIgNA

¥ People look at events up close. I look at the trajectories. In that light, this is a military take-down.
¥ Logic was part of the Trivium and a central part of any education along with grammar and rhetoric
¥ Rhetoric in the UK is currently only taught at one school: Eton; they don’t want you knowing how to think and to argue
¥ We have the New Math which is common sense made convoluted. Maths, along with geometry, was one of the branches of learning in Greek thought where things could be truly known. Without that, you don’t know anything
¥ Consensus-based schooling: facts and reason don’t matter; feelings and social acceptance are what matter

The worst of beasts in the sight of God are the deaf
The dumb
Those who do not reason. (8:22)

Of course they push godlessness and immorality.

And it is for a soul to believe only by God’s leave.
And he has appointed abomination for those who do not reason. (10:100)

Distractions / Entertainment
¥ Cartoons (leaving aside moral content) are cut to prevent concentration
¥ Games / films: escapism
¥ Can’t distinguish between reality and fiction (hence: fake news)
◦ If you see it on TV, it’s true
◦ Goes for a lot of “science” as well
¥ Look at how people are on social media: feelings
¥ Short attention spans, immediate gratification and no self-control or sacrifice in increasing proportions of the population
¥ Sense of entitlement
◦ Competition being taken out
◦ Boys have to work with girls
¥ Froth
¥ Proof: read Charles Dickens
¥ Proof: look up an exam questionnaire for 12 year-olds at turn of 20th century
¥ What they want is a blind and stupid mob which they can direct wherever they want; and they’ve pretty much got it
¥ I recommend Gustave Le Bon’s The Crowd (find online pdf)

And if thou obey most of those on the earth they will lead thee far from the path of God.
They follow only assumption.
And they tell only lies. (6:116)

Weinstein et al
¥ Hollywood is a pantheon; it is where the gods reside
¥ Very Greek in its aspect (bad gods)
¥ Whole pantheon of gods are now being hauled out and called out as evil
¥ No proof – and no-one even asks for it
¥ No due process
¥ The Qur’an: BRING YOUR EVIDENCE (four times in the Quran)
¥ While you may like what’s happening to these men, this is not about them. It is about you

Nowhere is there any indication that a conviction based on evidence is required before a man’s life is destroyed.
Nope. If you can feel it, that means due process can be dispensed with. Which is all fine until that logic is turned around on you – WHICH IT WILL BE.

What did you think this this media pageant was really all about?

If you haven’t worked it out yet, I’ll tell you: they are putting the infrastructure in place for the creation of a new tyranny based on what people “feel”.

Look around you. How safe do you feel now?

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBT2XFlMvuU

MGTOW, Believing Men And The Feminist Tyranny: Men, Wake Up And Man Up!

MGTOW – or men going their own way – is a logical, intelligent male response to the tyranny of feminism. And it is growing. And I understand why, though I do not agree with all its conclusions. But MGTOW has implications and lessons for believing men.



In short: men are to take charge:

Men are responsible for women by what God has favoured one of them over another
And by what they spend of their wealth. (4:34)

Women are clearly of equal value (i.e. their faith, their works, their fasting etc. is of equal value to that of the man).

The submitted men
And the submitted women
And the believing men
And the believing women
And the devoutly dutiful men
And the devoutly dutiful women
And the truthful men
And the truthful women
And the patient men
And the patient women
And the humble men
And the humble women
And the men who give charity
And the women who give charity
And the men who fast
And the women who fast
And the men who are custodians of their modesty
And the women who are custodians
And the men who remember God much
And the women who remember:
God has prepared for them forgiveness and a tremendous reward. (33:35)

But they are not the same as a man:

And the male is not like the female (3:36)

Men today are abdicating their obligations as men. They are failing in their duty (their salat) to God for one very simple reason: they can’t say no to women.

Let me repeat that: they can’t say no to women.

Again: men and women are different. And if you are going to be a man, you are going to have to learn to say no to women. Because if you do not, then you are no different to a woman.

Men are born with an innate compass; a sense of duty to a higher calling. Women – in their natural state – are looking for a man with that calling or vision because she wants to reproduce from good stock in safety.

She wants to know that the ship she is boarding has a captain with a map and a compass. She wants a man who knows where he is going.

Women are collectivistic and incline towards real power. At the moment, most women in the west are fundamentally married to the state and weaponised against their own interests, their own families, their own husbands (not that they really have one other than the state).

They are, in short, a Marxist totalitarian dictator’s wet dream.

Extend MGTOW to BMGTOW: Believing Men Going Their Own Way.

Only you will know what that means for you. Only you can know what that means for you. And it will mean taking stock for yourself; risking for yourself; choosing for yourself; fighting for yourself – being prepared to stand up and be counted for what you are and paying whatever price that comes with that because your eyes are fixed not on the road but on the destination.

Sure, you’ll have to pack your travel bag the best you can, and gauge the terrain the best you can, and arm yourself the best you can, and plot your course the best you can – using facts and reason and logic and faith.

But when the sleet and snow drive down upon you and the wolves are circling, you will LEARN to overcome – or die trying.

Allies come and go. Friends come and go. Even enemies come and go. But you stay focused on where you are going because that is what a MAN does. That is what a MAN is.

And THAT is what a feminised society conspires to make you forget: your true nature.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ChztkhcD78