Thoughts On A Quran-Alone Community: We’re Meant To Work Together

It’s time the Qur’an-alone “movement” (for want of a better word) moved out of the theoretical and into the practical.

What we don’t need is to build any more forums. What we do need is a means by which we can build real-world trust relationships.

Enough of the isolation, already!

This talk is a summary of my thoughts on this at the present and why I think it is the priority.

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What Others Have Been Doing Which Is Connected With My Work

I wanted to share with my audience some of the things other people have been doing which are in some way connected with my work.

There are doers in the world – and it is wonderful to see.

I mention a recital in Spanish in my talk. Here is the link:

Apologies for the poor audio. I will try to get it fixed in the coming days.

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My World View: A Summary

I have been asked to provide a summary of my world view; this is not meant to be exhaustive – or even compelling in terms of argument. It is merely a summary for those who are interested.

I don’t endorse everything you will find here, but these are some good places to start:

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