Human archetypes: key personality types defined by the Quran

This is a study in some detail of verses 1:1-2:20 of the Quran; it gives you an introduction to some part of my hermeneutical method.

The second chapter of the Qur’an opens with precise definitions of the key character types one finds in life. The Traditionalist has missed this because he comes to the Quran with his definitions taken from elsewhere.

But once we learn how Quranic definitions work, we readily see – and can learn to benefit from recognising – the core types we meet in life: key personality types according to Quranic definitions.

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Repentance means turning back to God

This is in response to the many questions I get about repentance, especially fornication and a past spent in sinful activities.

Just because you led a sinful life in the past or made mistakes doesn’t mean you are defined by those mistakes forever. Look at Moses: he killed a man.

Repentance is a personal decision to turn back to God; to stand alone and do what is right; to stand upon scripture and the laws which God gave us to follow no matter how the world responds to that.

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I want to make a difference

This is a general answer to all those who write and ask me: what can I do to help.

That depends on what your talents are and how much you want to contribute. But we can all make a difference.

I don’t know about you, but I want to feel like my life makes a difference. When I die, I want to know that I did my duty. Not everyone can do what I am doing, but everyone who wants to help can get involved.

See here for a full list of stuff that needs doing!

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